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George W. Bush A Homosexual Pedophile: New Evidence Ties This Reality To The Anthrax Murders

In addition to being a homosexual, it’s a well known fact among the power elite that the Bush men are pedophiles as well. The sexual preference of President George W. Bush has always been in question. Every since his days at Yale University where he was a male cheerleader his sexual identity has been a subject of rumor.

george w bush a homosexual and pedophile 01

We at The Conspiracy Zone have it from reliable sources that there is in fact more to this story than is being reported by the mainstream media. We have been told that he has in fact been linked since childhood to a homosexual relationship to Victor Ashe who was also a male cheerleader at Yale.

Ashe is also a member of the Satanic Skull and Bones secret society which George Bush is also a member. Skull and Bones initiates lay naked in a coffin filled with manure (literally) and tell other members their darkest secrets. The satanic worshipping cult is basically an elite cabal made up of primarily pedophiles and homosexuals all pledged to extreme secrecy in return for the doors of finance, industry, central government and media to be thrown open to them.

george w bush a homosexual and pedophile 02Their proposed new members are initiated at Yale University in an infamous windowless building called “The Tomb" (RIGHT).

Only fifteen are carefully chosen each year. Those who become members have to (a), accurately divulge their complete sexual history and (b), then two of them, while naked, have a homo-sex cavort in a mud-filled double size coffin. Most of the times it is secretly filmed or videotaped, to be certain the members “remember” to keep their oath to “keep your mouth shut”. They also eat with silverware used by Hitler and drink from the skull of Geronimo. Bush’s grandfather Prescott stole the skull and brought it to the campus at Yale.

Victor Ashe went on to become the mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee and is now a U.S. ambassador to Poland.

Since puberty, Bush has been the homosexual lover of Victor Ashe. It is not a private sordid affair since it involves national security. The Red Chinese Secret Police, resident in the U.S., are using it, as we have previously mentioned to blackmail U.S. military secrets out of the Bush White House.

Some in the U.S. Secret Service have quit, affronted by Bush’s male sex-mate traveling with the President, staying at the Bush ranch and reportedly sex-cavorting with Bush at a lounge owned and operated by a financier linked to Osama bin Laden.

Some in the presidential guards say that Ashe cries like a woman in the presence of Bush. From all the circumstances, the guards surmise that Ashe is ill from HIV and may have passed it along to Bush who suffers from possibly related facial lesions.

A scandal and glamor magazine publishing group, American Media, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, reportedly has a picture showing George W. Bush and Victor Ashe, both naked, sex- squirming about in the coffin of the Bonesman “Tomb” at Yale. The picture editor of the publications, Bob Stevens, was the first one in the fall of 2001 to die from breathing in weapons-grade anthrax in an envelope delivered to him. (BELOW LEFT).

george w bush a homosexual and pedophile 04Known to being short-sighted, he held it up closer to his face, breathing in the fatal anthrax spores.

For some time thereafter, the media group’s entire building was evacuated and kept vacant and their text and picture archives unavailable to the staff and others. The picture editor’s widow has brought a damage suit against the FBI and others claiming their misconduct. All the circumstances support contentions of foul play in the death of the picture editor. Not only has the President been in a homosexual relationship with Ashe since Childhood, but Bush has also been linked to a homosexual liaison with male prostitute Jeff Gannon who has several incurable venereal diseases and was a recent guest at the White House…per George Bush.

george w bush a homosexual and pedophile 06Bush has also been linked sexually to Britain’s Tony Blair and to Democratic presidential nominee for 2004, John Kerry (RIGHT).

It’s important to note that John Kerry’s real name is Cohen and his heritage is Jewish and not Christian. Kerry is also bi-sexual and is a member of the satanic order of skull and bones as well. Credible sources contend that Kerry has been the male sex-mate of George W. Bush, Victor Ashe and various persons in the radio/television networks. To sidetrack and neutralize any later possible mention of this, in stating as a Bonesman that the matters are secret, Kerry volunteered that he was at Yale University at a period two years different from Bush, which we know to be a lie… No one in the monopoly press dared ask Kerry why he volunteered such an absurd statement.

Having compiled their own firsthand knowledge and details, two members of the Kennedy Family are in a position to know about this sordid relationship between two public officials. That is, details about both Kerry and Bush, supposedly coming to the point of running supposedly against each other for U.S. President, 2004. Bush has also had homosexual affairs with Saudi Prince Abdullah. (BELOW)

george w bush a homosexual and pedophile 07Allegations that George W. Bush performed a homosexual act on current U.S. Ambassador to Poland Victor Ashe in the mid-1980’s have resurfaced in the tell-all memoirs of the woman who first made the claim.

Leola McConnell, former Liberal Democratic Candidate for Governor of Nevada and one time prostitute-for-hire, was met with deafening silence on behalf of the majority of the corporate media last year when she sensationally alleged that Bush and Ashe regularly hired bisexual men for secret sex sessions in the 80’s when Bush was a private citizen.

“In 1984 I watched George W. Bush enthusiastically and expertly perform a homosexual act on another man, one Victor Ashe,” said McConnell. McConnell is still missing and most likely murdered for what she knows about Bush.

“Ashe is the current U.S. ambassador to Poland; and he too should come out, like former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevy, and admit to being a gay American.”

“Other homo-erotic acts were also performed by then-private citizen George W. Bush. I know this because I performed one of them on him myself.”

According to Radar Online , in the year since McConnell made the claim, she has been subjected to constant harassment and death threats. An attempt to get her story told in the pages of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine fell through, so she has chosen to self-publish a series of memoirs called Lustful Utterances.

george w bush a homosexual and pedophile 10In the books, McConnell also claims to expose a network of clientele that regularly enjoyed her “services”, most of which come from the Evangelical wing of the Republican Party and the Neo-Con crowd.

Bush is a regular attendee at the the all-male Bohemian Grove club, an annual gathering of the elite which takes place at a forest encampment in Monte Rio, California. In 2004, the New York Post reported that homosexual porn stars were being hired by the Grove to “service” the members, supposedly without their knowledge.

However, the Grove is notorious for its homosexual activity and a reporter who worked at the camp during the summer of 2004 and 2005 told us that he was regularly propositioned by men seeking homosexual intercourse.

On June 29 1989, the Washington Times’ Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald reported on a Washington D.C. prostitution ring that had intimate connections with the White House allegedly all the way up to President George H.W. Bush. According to the story, male prostitutes had been given access to the White House and the article also cited evidence of “abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion.”

george w bush a homosexual and pedophile 11

Photos of George W. Bush embracing Jeff Gannon, the gay escort turned fake news reporter, who was allowed unmitigated access to the White House press corps with no background investigation or credentials, were popular at the height of the Gannon/Guckert scandal.

We also have reliable sources telling us that The Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara are not the biological daughters of the President but belong to General Tommy Franks.

We, at The Conspiracy Zone will leave the final decision to you.



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