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Conspiracy Theory: $1 Million Bounty Issued For Hillary Clinton's Medical Health Records

Conspiracy theories have plagued the Hillary Clinton campaign, with a heavy emphasis on the 68-year-old Democratic nominee’s health. Now, the site True Pundit has issued a $1 million bounty for Hillary Clinton’s medical records.

The call comes after allegedly fake medical records were leaked online. According to the alleged fake medical records, Clinton suffers from a number of health ailments, including seizures and dementia. Clinton’s campaign released an official statement regarding numerous health conspiracy theories and claims, but that hasn’t stopped her detractors. Hillary Clinton said her medical records have been released. Many say the records Clinton released are fake. Clinton’s statements have done little to pacify Trump supporters. Are Hillary Clinton’s medical records really worth $1 million?

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Hillary Clinton’s health has been a matter of public speculation since she suffered a concussion in 2012. The former secretary of state was lucky when, through an examination, a blood clot near her brain was discovered. Clinton was treated and given a clean bill of health.

Conspiracy theories surrounded the 2012 incident as the timing was in line with the Benghazi hearings. Clinton actually missed those hearings due to being hospitalized.
Conspiracy theorists aren’t saying she faked the 2012 injury — in fact, it was real. According to the conspiracy, Clinton’s health is failing quickly. Many believe Clinton cannot stand without assistance, must travel with a personal doctor, and is susceptible to seizures that may be triggered by bright lights. She’s also been unofficially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Trump supporters have stated Clinton is unfit to be president due to her declining health. Although Clinton addressed these issues, her detractors remain unconvinced, and they want proof.

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On August 16, Clinton addressed the health conspiracy theories once and for all. It isn’t just conspiracy theorists, and conservative writers, and talk-show hosts like Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity, and Alex Jones raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s health. During a stop on the campaign trail, Donald Trump referred to Clinton’s physical and mental health. He stated the following.

“Importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and all of the many adversaries we face.”

The comments were enough for Hillary Clinton to issue an official response. Clinton categorically denied anything was wrong with her health. Clinton launched an official podcast on her website. In the first episode, she made a statement that would seemingly squash the health conspiracy theories.

“I, knock on wood, am pretty lucky because I have a lot of stamina and endurance which is necessary in the kind of campaign that I’m engaged in.”

Clinton used the conversation to take a jab at Donald Trump for failing to release his tax returns. Clinton’s campaign released the following statement.

“Hillary Clinton has released a detailed medical record showing her to be in excellent health plus her personal tax return since 1977 while Trump has failed to provide the public with the most basic financial information disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. It’s time for him to stop using shameful distractions to hide his own record.”

Clinton’s statements regarding her health and medical records have failed to quiet Clinton’s detractors. Not only has the $1 million bounty been issued, but the conversation surrounding Clinton’s health seems to be more virulent. Conservative bloggers are not shying away from what seems to be the main attack against Clinton. The email scandal didn’t prove successful in halting Clinton’s campaign, and now the focus is on her health.

Conservative writer Paul Joseph Watson wrote a piece for Prison Planet, essentially denying the authenticity of Clinton’s statements of health. In his report, he stated that the site mistakenly determined people were concerned about Clinton’s health due to the fake medical records that circulated the internet in July and August. Watson pointed out that the fake medical records weren’t the cause of people’s concern. Instead, he stated Clinton’s own behavior has drawn speculation. Watson, like many voicing their belief, is not convinced Clinton is in good health.

Watson is also behind several viral videos that focus on Hillary Clinton’s health and the conspiracy theories surrounding them. In this compilation video, Watson not only suggests Clinton’s behavior is evidence something is wrong with her, but he hints there is a widespread media cover-up.

What do you think? Do you believe Hillary Clinton’s official statement? Do you think she is unhealthy and there is a cover-up? Is $1 million for Clinton’s medical health records a good deal?



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