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Let's Face It: Obama Already Pardoned Hillary

All the controversy over all this monumental scale HILLARY corruption stuff (emails in particular at this juncture). All the confusion, deflection, apologism, and so on. Discussions about her being "innocent", and "above the law", and so on, when deep down what we all already know is the simple reality that Billary Clinton has already been pardoned by Barrack H. Obama.

But the FBI "cleared" Hillary on the emails scandal, right?

Guess what: That's Obama's FBI!

Doesn't the Director of FBI give the POTUS daily personal intel briefings?

So Obama pulls his guy in there, he says 'hey, Hillary's the only DNC candidate, she made a "mistake", if you charge her I'll just pardon it later, meanwhile, if you proceed it will fracture the nation, so the best thing for America is to explain it like such & such, and move on".

So then a couple weeks later the FBI guy has some other Billary action item, he goes in there, and gets handed the same 'understanding'. Ad Infinitum.

And that's what we've been seeing (those not emotionally invested in the DNC / Billary, this election cycle).

Of course that narrative to the point is merely the Giving Them The Benefit Of The Doubt version of the situation, but here for the moment lets go with that...



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