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Could The DNC Have Rigged Election AGAINST Hillary?

I'll start by saying I despise Hillary and think she is one of the worst pieces of crap to ever run for President. But I, as well as most of you, was absolutely shocked at the results of the election.

For months I already accepted the fact that Hillary was going to win, mainly due to her political influence and power, and especially due to the disgusting illegal activities of the DNC. With the release of the Project Veritas videos, it even furthered my belief that Hillary would be our next President.

But last night my entire belief system went out the window, and now I'm left trying to make sense of it all. How could this have happened?? Have we all truly underestimated the amount of people who can tolerate the things Trump has said?? I won't go as far as to mimic what people are saying about accusing most of the country of being racist, but considering how incredibly well Trump did in the popular vote (basically 50/50 with Hillary), it's hard to ignore the possibility that way more people than we thought have deep hate in their hearts in this country.

With all of that said, I have a wild theory that probably won't make sense to most of you. But it makes (some) sense to me. Maybe it's just the optimist in me trying to come up with a different reason for Trump's election, because I refuse to believe that with a rapidly changing society comprised of millions of Americans becoming more tolerant of others and ourselves, we would tolerate and trust a man who has said the things that Trump has said, to be our Commander in Chief.

  • Hillary's popularity was atrocious. Millions of people voted for Trump simply because they don't like Hillary.

  • The DNC has been revealed to be comprised of conspirators and scummy individuals who will do whatever it could to get their way, including screwing over Bernie to make way for Crooked Hillary.

  • If you add all of this up, if Hillary became President, people would be consistently talking about how she cheated her way to the top, and the DNC would be shit on for the next 4 years. With the House and Senate both Republican, there would also have been a great chance that she wouldn't get much done. And the chances of re-election for Hillary wouldn't be great whatsoever if public opinion of her was down the toilet.

  • So from the DNC's point-of-view, there was a huge risk that if Hillary become President, they would risk immense negative opinion of the DNC and all of the top officials.

  • To save their own ass, what did they do? They threw their almighty Hillary under the bus.

  • I know you're probably thinking that public opinion of the DNC today is terrible because "the DNC influenced this election greatly by screwing over Bernie and supporting a crooked candidate”. But what you're neglecting to consider is the fact that there is a HUGE (or should I say YUGE) chance that Donald Trump is going to be a terrible President. In a year, or two, or three, all anyone is going to be thinking about is the 2020 election, and who is everyone going to be looking at to "save us all"? The DNC.

To summarize, there was a greater risk of negative public opinion of the DNC if Hillary became President than if Trump did. If Trump fucks up, everyone is going to blame him and the RNC. Nobody is going to blame the DNC. They will be looking to the DNC for help in 2020, and the DNC is in prime position to act on our insecurities by grooming someone progressive for the next 4 years. Who that person is, I do not know. Warren would be the ideal candidate, and if I were a betting man that's who I would put money on.

I’m sure some of you got some laughs out of this post. And I hope some of you understand the sense behind this theory. After all, it’s just a theory, nothing more.



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