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Hillary Clinton Conspiracy: Photo Proves Clinton Is Sick, Unhealthy And Dying

Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories are abundant, especially pertaining to her health. Speculation abounds as a new photo has sparked concerns that the Democratic nominee is so unhealthy that she’s unable to stand without assistance. Are the conspiracy theories true? Is Hillary Clinton sick, unhealthy or even dying? It seems everyone has an opinion about her health and well-being but is there any truth to the rumors?

hillary clinton sick and dying 01The Getty photo (RIGHT) shows Hillary Clinton being held up by several men as she prepares to speak. The image is one in a series of photos and compilation videos used to explain that Clinton is unhealthy. Numerous videos on YouTube provide an in-depth look at Hillary Clinton and her health. Some conspiracy theorists suggest online and in videos that Clinton may have suffered permanent brain damage when a blood clot was discovered in her head after she suffered a concussion. CNN reported on Clinton’s condition back in 2013. The Getty photo is going viral as proof that Hillary is too weak to stand without assistance.

The Getty photo featured above is a different picture than one that went viral earlier this week. In that situation, a photo taken in February showed Hillary Clinton climbing stairs with assistance. But did that photo prove the conspiracy theories true? Is Hillary Clinton incapable of climbing without help? Is it common practice to assist a 68-year-old woman up a flight of stairs or onto a podium?

Other rumors are that Clinton suffers seizures and can’t go anywhere without an emergency shot of Diazepam nearby. Hillary Clinton’s health issues have become the subject of mainstream, media news.

hillary clinton sick and dying 03Rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health have run rampant since she suffered a blood clot near her brain back in 2012. She’s suffered a concussion, and some fear she had a seizure while on camera. Current fears are that Hillary Clinton has suffered neurological damage that will prevent her from serving as Commander in Chief. Should Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump be required to release their medical records?

Many have called for Hillary Clinton’s medical records to be made public as well as Donald Trump’s. Both candidates are elderly and their health is relevant to their run for office. The controversy doesn’t rest with medical records. Many people are weighing in on Hilary Clinton’s health, with some suggesting she has a number of different diseases and conditions. Others have proposed the theory that Clinton is in the active throes of death and her days are numbered.

Pharmaceutical exec Marin Shkreli sparked controversy with a conspiracy theory or idea of his own. Shkreli tweeted that he believes Hillary Clinton has the classic signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

hillary clinton sick and dying 02

Though Shkreli is quick to point out he isn’t a doctor, he did hold a press conference on Periscope discussing Hillary Clinton’s health issues and supposed disease.

Seizures, Parkinson’s Disease, and brain damage aren’t the only conditions conspiracy theorists have diagnosed Hilary Clinton with. One report suggests Hillary Clinton is HIV positive. The Political Insider discussed the book Bill & Hillary: So This is That Thing Called Love. The book essentially states that due to Bill Clinton’s years of unfaithfulness, he contracted and transmitted HIV to Hillary Clinton. This statement has not been confirmed by the Clintons. The book relied on “inside sources,” for details and information.

Conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health has left some to conclude she is sick, unhealthy, and dying. Others believe her actions are in line with a woman her age. Being assisted up the stairs, on and off platforms or podiums is not unusual. One thing that has been noted is that multiple conspiracy theorists look forward to the debates to get a better look at Hillary. Will she walk on stage alone? Will she need a team of people to hold her up to the microphone? Will Hillary cough non-stop during the debates? Will Hilary Clinton show signs of seizures brain damage and neurological disorders when debating Trump?

What do you think? Do you agree with the conspiracy theories? Is Hillary Clinton sick, unhealthy and dying?



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