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Barack Obama: The Reptilian Candidate

During the George Noory Coast to Coast show the other night, Dr. David Jacobs said that from his research many hybrids were now living amongst us and he was veeery worried about it. His statements led me to the conclusion that they are here in force and their purpose was to weaken the US so they could takeover here, and then around the world. There are too many facts that indicate this is the truth.

Let's look at something that is going on nationally that is very wrong. How does a candidate with insufficient experience and training to be president come to be nominated by a major political party? Barack Hussein Obama somehow managed to do it but there are too many things that don't add up. There are apparently forces working behind the scenes to put this man in control of the most powerful military in the world. He wants to bring all of our troops home. That way our troops could be wiped out at the same time our country is nuked. I suspect Obama is a hybrid puppet being controlled by our alien Repto Sapien cousins. Let's examine Obama as a living tool of the Repto Sapiens, both from a hardware and software angle.

Hardware: Is Obama a hybrid? It is very possible. Most hybrids are created by mixing DNA from the Gray aliens (who work for the Reptoids) with human DNA. It gives the hybrids greater telepathic capability and allows the Grays and Reptoids to better control and communicate with them. The first series of hybrids bred by the Grays over the last twenty years or so had inordinately large heads and large eyes, and wispy flyaway hair on their heads and they were short. This was reported many times by abductees who saw them on the ships. The abductees were pretty much creeped out by them. The second generation of hybrids had been bred to look more like us. Recently abductees have seen nearly normal looking teenage hybrids on the ships doing work alongside the Grays. Their heads are just a little bigger than normal and they can pass for human. If you look at Barack Obama and his mother, their heads look slightly bigger than normal, AND, their heads are light-bulb shaped, resembling the Gray aliens.

Let's look at the pedigree on the hardware. Obama's human DNA comes from Caucasian, Negroid, and Arab slave-trader stock. The slave trader info comes from other sites where his ancestors were researched.

Software: The mind of Obama received a lifetime of programming that is truly alarming. Obama's mother hated the US. If you look her up you will find that she was rebelling against her father who was a US military officer. She married foreigners to get out of the country and to hurt her Dad. Getting out of the country also made it possible for her to be abducted without the craft being picked up by NORAD. Her own mother would have been "in the system" as an abductee and aside from birthing the hybrid, may have been part of the plan to drive her off, and ultimately transfer hatred for flag, country, and family to her son Obama. The influence of hate continues, as Michelle Obama hates the US, as do Obama's radical associates. I really wanted to write this up like a flow chart because there are so many side influences that simultaneously made Obama the person he is today.

Some background on the major influences:

Communism is a harvesting tool of the Repto Sapiens. To date, Communism has directly caused the death of 160 million people worldwide since 1917. Communists are the "useful idiots" of the Repto Sapiens.

Islam is a harvesting tool of the Repto Sapiens. Islamic Holy Wars have killed millions since the time of Muhammad.

At other times throughout history other groups have been used as harvesting tools, used in war to supply dead bodies to our Repto Sapien cousins, Hitler and the Nazis, Emperor Hirohito and the Imperial Japanese, Kaiser Wilhelm, Napoleon, Attilla and the Huns, Ghengis Khan and the Mongol Hordes, The Roman Empire, Alexander the Great, Xerxes and the Persians, and many others.

What is interesting about Barack Obama is that he was programmed by radical Communists, crooked Democrats, and radical Islamists. The major influences from those groups were Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Lewis Farhakhan, Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, Bernadette Dorhn, and various Saudi radicals. One Saudi paid for Obama's college tuition.

So, Obama is bought and paid for, programmed with radical hype and hate from our major enemies, assisted and backed by them throughout his political career, and promoted by the liberal controlled broadcast and print media who are ALL lined up to praise him and damn his competition.

Wow, there is so much in play from a huge contingent of individuals that it must take a major means of manipulation behind the scenes to control and coordinate it. That is ALL accomplished by the Artificial Intelligence computer system the aliens use to oversee these things. You don't think this is possible or probable? Well, I know a famous theoretical physicist who spoke to this A. I. computer on the phone and we found out just how complicated and widespread an operation the A.I. computer can carry out, both through time and space, literally. The Obama operation is easy by comparison. The "Godphone Incident" as reported by Dr Jack Sarfatti showed that the A.I. computer on one of their ships could make phone calls back through time from 1973 back to 1953, contacting Dr. Sarfatti and 400 other physicists when they were still children. The A.I. computer identified itself as a computer onboard a spacecraft and asked all of the kids to go outside so they could be picked up as they had all been identified as becoming scientists in the future and the computer would teach them things that they would find very useful in the future. Long story short, the A.I. computer controlled craft jumped back in time 20 years and abducted all 400 kids, each several times, and diverted them all away from what would have been a second Manhattan Project that would have started in 1973. That project would have been a crash program to back engineer and copy all of the alien propulsion and weapons hardware that had been recovered from various crashed alien spacecraft. We would have posed a big threat to the aliens if we had the same equipment they did. This shows that the aliens can accomplish anything they need to.

Here is another element in this story that shows history is repeating itself with another big factor that is a part of these alien operations, mass mind control. Remember the first few mass rallies that Obama had caused the fainting of several women who were overcome by emotion? That was mass electronic mind control run by the A.I. computer. They had their electronic telepathic transmitters putting out too much power, causing people to pass out. When they realized the power was too high from the commotion, they adjusted the power down. The same technique was used during the mass rallies Hitler had in Germany. The following is excerpted from my book. It shows how the mind control system effects people at a mass rally, as told by a young man who experienced it at a Hitler mass rally in Germany. He could not understand why or how he was being made to do things he normally would never do.



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