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Donald Trump's Son Raises Clinton Earpiece Conspiracy

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a link Thursday to a conspiracy theory website story alleging that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may have worn an earpiece during a forum the previous night.

“Was Hillary Wearing an Earpiece During Last Night’s Presidential Forum?” said the tweet by the son of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, along with a link to an article on the Infowars site.

donald trumps son raises clinton earpiece conspiracy 01

Infowars is run by radio host Alex Jones, a controversial figure who espouses fringe conspiracies, including that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax.

A spokesman for Clinton denied that she wore an earpiece.

“There was nothing in her ear. I'll leave it to others to mull what the explanation is,” said Nick Merrill.

Earlier, Merrill mockingly tweeted at Trump Jr. and Jones a picture of Clinton in front of her new campaign plane and wrote, “Guys, wanted to call your attention to the Boeing 737 in HRC's ear. #MSM ignoring.”

donald trumps son raises clinton earpiece conspiracy 02



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