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Chinese Monkey Predicted Winner Of 2016 Election

The prediction of a Chinese monkey, and an Indian fish “medium” also predicted Tuesdays victory of Donald Trump in the United States presidential election.

Chanakya II, a Flowerhorn cichlid, living peacefully in an aquarium in Chennai in southern India, had to choose three times between two small containers of food, each of which was decorated with an image of the two candidates for the White House.

Three times, the fish chose the vessel with the photograph of Donald Trump.

chinese monkey predicted winner of 2016 election 01

Since Octopus Paul successfully predicted the results of eight consecutive World Cup matches in 2010, several animals with so-called divinatory skills have been looked upon to predict winners of major sporting events or for the elections.

Chanakya II’s predecessor, Chanakya I, achieved some success by accurately predicting several football and cricket matches, their owners said, an oenegé from Chennai.

The prediction of Chanakya II follows the one of this weekend of the Chinese monkey Geda.

The monkey, with two figures representing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, threw himself on the Republican candidate and kissed him in the mouth. Now how much more proof do you need?.



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