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CNN Deletes Pro-Bernie Sanders Poll And User Comments

Is CNN censoring Bernie Sanders supporters? The network is under fire this week after users noticed that not only was a poll removed showing Sanders as the winner of the first Democratic debate, but that pro-Bernie comments were disappearing as well.

In the last few days, CNN has been pushing a pro-Hillary agenda and actually censoring reactions to the Democratic debate that took place on Tuesday night.

It started with a poll. CNN asked their audience to vote live for who they thought won the debate on Tuesday night. Poll results showed Sanders overwhelmingly as the winner, with over 75% of the votes. Suddenly, however, the poll disappeared, only to be replaced by a pro-Hillary headline story.

cnn deletes pro bernie sanders poll and comments 02

CNN later declared Hillary Clinton as the winner of the night’s debate stating: “Hillary Clinton proved without a doubt Tuesday night why she is the Democratic Party’s presidential front-runner.”

Then, other Sanders supporters on Facebook started noticing their pro-Bernie comments being removed from CNN stories.

According to Media Equalizer, there are certain messages being specifically targeted – mainly those that mention CNN’s conflict of interest in their support for Hillary. You see, CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, is a huge donor to Hillary Clinton:

cnn deletes pro bernie sanders poll and comments 03

Media Equalizer also managed to take screen shots of some of the comments that were later deleted:

cnn deletes pro bernie sanders poll and comments 04

Supporters of Sanders haven’t given up though. Users are continuing to post their comments and call out the network any way they can, even if it means re-posting previously deleted content.



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