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Justin Bieber Killed By Illuminati In Car Crash And Replaced By Lookalike

The official line is that there was no injury or damage to the car according to the authorities. However, we’ve uncovered some shocking news that the young singer has already passed away and replaced by a reckless lookalike. There’s lots of concrete evidence to support this too, if you know where to look. It would appear that Justin Bieber is dead.

First off, there’s the change in his personality. For a while, Bieber was as wholesome as can be, but recent reports show Bieber to be brattish and quick-tempered. It’s obvious that the split with Selena Gomez is a result of the young singer not being able to cope with this new imposter, unwilling to tow the record company’s line on this.

There’s long been rumours that the original Bieber was being forced to take oestrogen pills in a bid to maintain his boyish charm and thwart the advances of puberty. Have you noticed how high his voice remained, despite being a teenager?

justin bieber killed by illuminati in car crash replaced by lookalike 01It could be that the pressures and hormonal imbalance caused Bieber to end his own life?

There’s suggestions that he could’ve been killed by the illuminati. In Bieber’s song, ‘Baby’, backmasking reveals a series of sinister messages declaring war and professing to be evil.

It’s obvious that the original Bieber – a good Christian boy – would not have been happy with these messages, enabling the illuminati to kill him and replace him with a lookalike who is more willing to hide messages in song.

Bieber has also taken time to praise various rappers, with a particular penchant for Tupac. Of course, it is suggested that ‘Pac was killed by the illuminati, which Shakur predicted before his death in the song ‘Killuminati’.

He rapped:

“I’m comin back like Jesus, bow down to my ill nation”

As well as:

“Yo Makaveli they can’t stop you”

This is clear reference to Niccol? Machiavelli, a man who faked his death.

The Machiavelli link is even more sinister. If you take the name Niccolo Machiavelli and mix up the letters, you get “a chic vanillic mole”.

In terms of some perhaps faking his death to escape the clutches of the illuminati, we need to look closer at this. ‘A chic vanillic mole’ refers to the fact that Bieber is incredibly popular right now (or, ‘in vogue’ or ‘chic’) and very boy-next-door safe for consumers (or, ‘vanillic’ if you will). The mole is a reference to Bieber’s surname – which comes from the Bavarian for ‘beaver’. The mole is widely regarded to be the land-dwelling equivalent of the beaver, which brings us to a clear indication that Justin Bieber’s death, or perhaps faked-death, was predicted many years ago.

Bieber’s willingness to praise Tupac was clearly the young singer whistle-blowing. Examine his lyrics and you’ll find more clues to his death (faked or otherwise).

“I never thought that I could walk through fire, I never thought I could take the burn. I never had the strength to take it higher, until I reached the point of no return.”

This, taken from the chilling Never Say Never, is backed up with more clues.

“I never thought I could feel this power”

Is this ‘power’, the feeling of release that Bieber would feel once he ‘dies’, in a bid to escape the clutches of the illuminati? He goes on:

“Like David and Goliath, I conquered a giant, so now I got the world in my hand…”

The lyrics then go on to talk about landing on the moon – perhaps a nod to the lunar conspiracies which are inextricably linked to illuminati activity?

This feeling of power is also mixed with a clawing sense of claustrophobia. In Down To Earth, he sings:

“The walls are closing in on us”

In Runaway Love, he notes:

“I’m running out of time…”

Even Bieber’s album is titled, ‘My World 2.0’. A clear indication that this is a second, ‘updated’ version of the popstar. Was the original Bieber killed off or disappeared before it’s release? You only have to look at Justin to know that there’s something awry here.

justin bieber killed by illuminati in car crash replaced by lookalike 02

As you can see in this young picture of Bieber, he looks completely different to the way he looks now. The cheekbones are more defined. His hair is a different colour. He’s started to wear sunglasses in an attempt to throw fans off the scent. Did Bieber create the Shawty Mane alter-ego to try and continue releasing music from ‘beyond the grave’?

We’ve been asked privately, not to share this information. We feel it is too important to keep to ourselves. And sure, you may dismiss this as the ramblings of a lunatic, but hecklerspray has been working tirelessly as a team to uncover the sinister truth behind Justin Bieber.

There’s clearly shadowy forces at work. How else can you justify is incredible influence and popularity in the world? We will continue to investigate this and, of course, you dear reader, are invited to conduct your own lines of questioning as we work toward getting the truth out about Justin Bieber’s death.

Justin is dead man, miss him, miss him. Are you a true Belieber?