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Lina Morgana Vs Lady Gaga: One Dies, The Other Suddenly Becomes A Star

I just came across this video today, and I don't know if everyone is already familiar with the story, but just in case anyone isn't, I'll list the important points here:

  • Lina Morgana was a massively talented rising teen star

  • Stephani (Lady Gaga) met her and was apparently to become her backup dancer, or take on some lesser role

  • Lina, according to eyewitnesses was happy and dancing on the roof of a hotel or building of some sort, then around lunch, hurled herself off of it to her death

  • 2 weeks later, Lady Gaga starts her meteoric rise

  • Nearly all the styles Lady Gaga uses today stem from Lina's own style

I wanted to mention all this because of how weird it is, and also because of the "satanic" / illuminati / mkultra stories floating around regarding Lady Gaga. I don't usually buy into this stuff, but I'm becoming a firmer believer by the day that specific individuals are planted for specific reasons to further specific messages. After discovering that the CIA paid abstract artist Jackson Pollack to advance his "art" so as to suppress social realism, which raised questions about society, I've taken a keen interest in how art is used as propaganda. I thought this strange, strange story fit into the picture.

I tried to look into more about Lina, and only heard about this after reading a story about how her mother is desperately trying to tell everyone and anyone that her daughter was murdered, and that former "friend" Stephani basically stole her very existence. I was going to go to Lina's wikipedia page to glean more details about the circumstances surrounding her death -- but it's been deleted. If one does a "Lina Morgana wikipedia" search on Google, they'll get no results. I then discovered several other reports of other news stories reporting her death that day in 2008, in local papers, being wiped from the web. At least one of these news stories described in detail her normal, happy behaviour up until the point where she hurled herself over the building's edge. It was ruled a suicide.

I honestly don't know what's going on here, but it seems there was some sort of effort at least to remove the story. I didn't even know Stephani had this friend until I just stumbled upon all this today. But the weirdest part of all is probably Lady Gaga's video for Paparazzi, in which she is dropped over the side of a building's edge by a man.

Strange times we live in.



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