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Lady Gaga Is Faking Her Illness

So, Lady Gaga cancelled her tour because she needs hip surgery or she has lupus or she’s dying or something, and and it’s all very sad and the little monsters are wailing and waving their paws in support blah blah blah. And if it’s true we wish her a speedy recovery. BUT. The Examiner claims to have received information from two reputable sources that say Live Nation pulled the plug on Lady Gaga’s tour because it wasn’t making enough money to justify the production.

“It wasn’t that ticket sales were disastrous, but they weren’t good enough to justify the huge production cost,” one source says. “I truly believe Lady Gaga is making her ‘injury’ out to be a lot worse than it is. This is definitely a cover-up.”

Another source told the paper that “Lady Gaga is devastated about the cancelation of the shows and actually wanted to reschedule them, but Live Nation refused. ‘They lost a lot of money on this tour, especially in South America. North American ticket sales were fine, but not nearly as well as expected. They had to give away a lot of tickets,’ the source said.

Furthermore: “You can bet that Lady Gaga and her team will try and drum up as much sympathy for Mother Monster as possible. She is good at playing the victim card, but the public may see through it this time. We do feel sorry for the fans though.

Whatever the true reasons for the cancelation, they are missing out on a show they have been looking forward to for months.” Related: Rolling Stone thinks the cost of CANCELING the tour could exceed $30 million. What do YOU think is the real story?



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