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CERN: The Reason Behind Italian Quakes?

Conspiracy theorists and disaster watchdogs are out for CERN or the European Organization for Nuclear Research ever since April when it made public its schedule to fire Large Hadron Collider or LHC in its quest to unearth the deepest secrets of the Universe with scores of conspiracy theories doing the rounds.

One of them goes this way when the LHC smashes particles, it opens other dimensions which could eventually lead to Earth being overtaken by the forces of darkness, the same thing espoused by a disaster watchdog.

According to reports from Dailystar, BP Earthwatch a YouTube conspiracy theory channel which advocates conspiracy theories put the blame of the destructive Earthquake which occurred on the third of October in Italy squarely on the shoulders of a Europe-based research organization. Their claim- the area of Norcia, which the quake affected is directly in line with their laboratory on the border of France and Switzerland.

They were joined by like-minded Scott Warring who hunts ETs for a living who too is of the opinion that the tremors in Norcia were caused by the activities of the LHC. The quake was quite destructive claiming many lives and destroying valuable monuments. According to him, CERN did it with the intentions of creating a stargaze which had a fall out of earthquakes on Earth in case the stargaze fails.

As warring says by way of explanation “This kind of technology could allow humans to use it as a portal to gather resources, meet other species and even conquer them, or just populate a new planet … It also allows aliens to come in from the other side to conquer us.”

CERN however vehemently denies such accusations saying that the magnetic field created by it was not able to interfere with the activity of the planet. On its website, it stated “The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) collisions present no danger and that there are no reasons for concern. Whatever the LHC will do, Nature has already done many times over during the lifetime of the Earth and other astronomical bodies.”

The Daily Mail also reported the news adding that since the discovery of the Higgs-Boson labeled as the God particle, CERN was on the hunt for other particles too.

According to theregister reports, the research organization checked in on the mass of the antiproton which happens to be the antimatter twin of protons through the use of specialized spectrographs.



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