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USGS Is Hiding Earthquake, Fissures Data Over Supervolcano Fears

Yellowstone volcano conspiracy theories are claiming that the USGS is hiding the earthquake data that points to fissures opening up around Yellowstone national park. Further, they claim authorities are secretly evacuating towns in the area because of fears over a Yellowstone supervolcano forming as the caldera gets ready to pop.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, back in March one conspiracy theory claimed that bisons fleeing the area were an indication that a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption may be imminent. In response, some scientists claimed the Yellowstone earthquake did not indicate a volcano and that the bisons were not fleeing from the earth tremors (although they probably should be fleeing since Native Americans are seeking the right to hunt bison in Yellowstone National Park).

Interestingly enough, there was a report released by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and they fear a supervolcano is a bigger threat than World War 3 and global warming. Of course, they also fear a Iceland supervolcano more than a Yellowstone supervolcano since Icelandic volcanic sites have been active at least 40 times over the last 1,130 years. They fear that if a similar event were to occur today the death toll could be huge. The report also mentions the giant caldera that sits in Yellowstone National Park in the US. These British scientists fear that if the Yellowstone caldera were to erupt, millions would be killed in the initial blast while the ash would blacken the skies and cause global agriculture and economies to collapse.

The good news is that the USGS is indeed keeping track of a potential Yellowstone supervolcano. Better yet, the supervolcano at Yellowstone isn’t in danger of exploding any time soon. The last time it occurred was before the dawn of civilization. While it’s believed stopping an eruption is impossible, researchers say they should be able to predict an eruption by monitoring the pressure of underground magma. In fact, just the other day the USGS announced that Mount St. Helens is re-pressurizing and getting ready to blow its top… but not for another 20 to 200 years.

Regardless, several Youtube being circulated around have been feeding the conspiracy theories over the last month. One of them shows a man driving and we hear a purported local radio broadcast talking about towns around Yellowstone being evacuated because of fissures opening up and causing damage to parking lots and buildings. In this case the news radio report was probably referring to a landslide in Jackson, Wyoming:

“Visible cracks have formed in the hillside above the cliff and a store. The fissures on the butte are the latest in a series of developments that suggest underground movement has increased in recent days.”

But the fissures in this case were supposedly only related to geological activity in the butte itself, not in the entire region. A quick news search reveals that the only other evacuation to make the news was when a gas explosion in Wyoming prompted officials to evacuate the town of Opal, which is relatively close to Yellowstone national park.

The conspiracy theorists also insist that the government is hiding this information from the public. For example, one website claimed just the other day that the USGS “have shut down numerous data sensors in the area… also this affects the entire world, not just those local to the area… this supervolcano is highly active… RIGHT NOW… and the authorities are hoping you will be a sitting duck.” In relation to that idea, another video shows a supposed leaked email about the USGS hiding the Yellowstone supervolcano and that FEMA is involved in the conspiracy.

While it’s hard to take that video seriously there’s another one where the authors have supposedly been keeping track of seismological activity in the Yellowstone region. As of yesterday the author claim they are “seeing water vs magma interaction which is why there is constant seismicity but low amplitude movement/vibrations.”

Do you think the Yellowstone volcano conspiracy theories should have us worried at all?



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