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The Conspiracy Of The California Wildfires

I believe this is a General Conspiracy in the Grandest Form.

I have been watching Fox News this morning, Sunday, Oct 28, for an hour, and they had some guy on talking about the financial effects of the fires, but no talk about arsonists, or firefighters who lost their lives. WHY??

 Three firefighters died at the scene, and two were hospitalized in critical condition. One of those two died several hours later. The other had burns over 95 percent of his body, Boss said.

Another official believed the blaze was set just as the winds picked up in order to maximize destruction. Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle dispatched homicide detectives to the scene to work with FBI agents during the investigation.

Authorities planned to offer a $100,000 reward in the case.

"Turn that scum in, please," Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley said.
Fox News

This happened Thursday, 3 days ago!

Anyone hear of this before now?

Mr Schwarzenegger knew about this when they gave he gave the press conference on Thursday with Mr. Bush.

"It's a very sad day for California," Mr Schwarzenegger said in the state capital Sacramento on Thursday.

Mr Schwarzenegger ordered flags put at half mast for the dead firefighters as he instituted the state of emergency for the area of the fire, which allows the state to commit greater resources to combating the blaze.

I think I know why.

Remember Terry Barton? She set the largest wildfire in Colorado State history a few years ago. First, she said it was a campfire, that she didn't get out completely.

Then, when questioned, she said, she accidentally set them "burning letters" from her ex. And this is what most people know to this day.

But, what most people don't know is, Terry Barton was still lying. Come to find out, she set these on purpose. No reason is ever given.

One lady died in this fire. Terry Barton received a 12 yr sentence, with no restitution ordered. However, the case was recently appealed, and dropped, because "the original judge was biased".

During the same time that Terry Barton was setting these fires, Arizona's largest wildfire in history, which burned 400,000 acres, and 400 homes, was also deliberately set by another

Federally paid firefighter!!!

I’m shocked and with a lot of other people, in a state of disbelief,” said regional forester Rick Cables of the U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region. “I’m saddened to say that one of our employees has admitted to starting the ... fire.”

While Cables expressed sadness that one of his coworkers had deliberately set the fire, it should not have come as a surprise. Barton’s actions fit a disturbing pattern in recent years of government workers deliberately setting fires on lands removed from private ownership and “entrusted” to the government.

Federal firefighter starts Arizona blaze

Another such fire, in fact, was set in Arizona and began raging out of control the very day the media reported the discrepancies in Barton’s claim that she had inadvertently ignited the Colorado fire with her husband’s letter.

On June 30, a contract firefighter for the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs was charged with deliberately starting a fire outside the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. That blaze erupted into the largest wildfire in Arizona history.

Leonard Gregg admitted starting the fire, as well as another one that was quickly extinguished, in order to gain work. Gregg worked as a contract firefighter for the federal government, and he was paid according to how often he was called to fight fires.

Prison sentence tossed out for Terry Barton

Then, Adam Housley reports in his blog a comment from a firefighter that he pictured.

My name is Ryan Rinaldo, i am the one in this photo. I just wanted to say thank you for taking this great picture, and also that you were correct in saying that the picture says it all. Myself and Tommy, the other guy on the truck with me, were driving looking for hotspots when we saw this home beginning to catch on fire, along with moving into the next two homes directly next to it. As i was making radio contact for additional engines to come to our location, Tommy and I stretched out our hoses and rushed to stop the spread of the fire to the next two homes until additional firefighters arrived, and even though all the firefighters on that location were able to save two homes, it is still hard to see one get lost! I give my hearts best wishes and prayers to the family of that home.

Best wishes,
Ryan Rinaldo
Rinaldo Water Tenders

Two questions here. If you saw the house starting to burn, and you were right there, how come it burnt to the ground?

Another question.
Who is Rinaldo Water Tenders, and why are they driving in a county fire truck if they are contract firefighters, which they are indeed.

Turns out, Rinaldo Water Tenders, is contracted by the Federal Government, specifically Colleen Hightower, USDA!

Here's what I think, since I watched EndGame yesterday.

These fires are started to clear out land owner problems for implemented the Federal Highway system linking Mexico, US, and Canada.

A clear step towards the North American Union.

There are inherent benefits to the perpetraitors such as insurance fraud, intelligence gathering, and general fear mongering, and propaganda, making people think that FEMA has stepped in to save the day.

Just keep this in mind.

The US Navy has a guided missle cruiser sitting of the coast to assist in the evacuation.

• 10 firetrucks and 40 firefighters
• Brush truck (designed to fight wildfires)
• Two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters
• Two MH-60S Knighthawk helicopters equipped with 420-gal. troughs
• 40 additional helicopters on standby
• An Aegis cruiser, a guided-missile cruiser and two fast frigates to assist with evacuation



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