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Colorado Black Forest Fire Set To Destroy High Level Military Homes

I live in Southern CO, a couple of hours drive from CO Springs. I go through there occasionaly for work, and have spent a little time there at flea markets and the etc. Driving through and around CO Springs is like being on a military base. Nearly every car has a military sticker on it, and the radio is full of commercials geared toward military with things like easy credit for active duty military, etc.

This would make sense since there are 5 seperate AF Bases in about a 50 mile radius. Cheyenne mountian, Schiever afb, Pedersen afb, Ft Carson, and the US Air Force Academy. (PS, I personally have a document on microfiche from 1991 that was a lab for the USAFA, titled, Chemtrails, so the Air Force coined the term Chemtrails).

If you drive around the area of Pederson afb, you will see large houses, 3000 sq ft plus, 1000′s upon 1000′s of them, as far as the eye can see. Black Forest, is basically an extension of the base, and has multi-million homes nicely secluded, on 5 acre plus lots, Hundreds of them. These are nearly all military or military contractor homes. There are people like restaurant workers, and gas station attendants who are not in the military, but they live on the outskirt of the area, usually in mobile homes.

Just like the Waldo fire last year, the fire started in the perfect spot to take out the entire area, as the winds generally blow from the mountains to the west, towards the plains to the east. And just like the Waldo fire, the timing could not have been more perfect. High winds, super hot, super dry.

The Waldo fire was determined to be arson, but the evidence of who set it and why, has been covered up by the govt, even though several law suits were filed to find out who did it. And in the Black Forest fire, the Sheriff has already said it couldn’t be lightning, because the skies were clear at the time, and has said they don’t know what started it, and haven’t really even begun to investigate. Now, the Black Forest fire has burned some 360 big pricey homes, becoming even more destructive than the Waldo Canyon Fire, and is O% contained, with high winds, low humidity and stifling heat in the forecast.

Colorado’s Black Forest fire is now 65% contained, but authorities are still puzzling over the cause of the blaze that’s destroyed at least 483 structures. Now, the El Paso County sheriff is calling the 16,000-acre fire a “crime scene” until there’s proof to the contrary, CNN reports. “It has far expanded beyond just my arson investigator,” says Terry Makata. “We have brought experts in”—including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives—”to give us the greatest possible chance to not only determine the cause, but whether there was criminal intent or not.”

So, my conspiratorial mind at work, has to raise the suspicion that these fires were deliberately set. The mandatory evactuations are gestapo like, with cops using threats if people don’t evacuate, What a perfect time for the spooks to go into homes, and search for unauthorized confidential material, looking for whistleblowers, and then conveniently set the house on fire to cover their tracks…Colorado Springs is a cesspool for military secrets, but many in the military are unhappy with the gun grabs, and they themselves are being spied upon, maybe even more than ordinary citizens…

More Details for The National Security Agency
The National Security Agency in Colorado Springs, CO is a private company categorized under National Security. Our records show it was established in and incorporated in Colorado

I guarantee the origin of fire will come out as human set, but we will never learn who, or why…..just sayin..



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