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Arizona Firefighthers Killed By Chemtrail Fire

Arizona is mourning the 19 firefighters who died this week. Prescott is a small town, and those men were all from there, so that place was hit pretty hard. These men died trying to protect the town of Yarnell, but their sacrifice was in vain -Yarnell burned to the ground.

Moreover, these were not amateurs, they were experienced and well trained forest firefighters.

They didn't have a chance.

And watching the video of the flames you can tell why.

Those flames are like blowtorches, more like a fuel fire than a forest fire.


Because our Arizona forests, like the forests of the rest of the country are coated with several layers of aluminum oxide – a highly flammable substance (aluminum is used in explosives) courtesy of your local chemtrail-laying aircraft.

When these aluminum coated forests light up, they LIGHT UP.

You can't expect local firefighters to stand up to THAT type of conflagration.

And what happened this week is the result of spraying aluminum oxide over our forests on a daily basis and then sending ill-equipped men to go try to put it out once it all catches fire.

True, there are other aspects worthy of criticism.

Considering that most fire deaths occur from smoke inhalation, the following questions are crucial:

-why was a helicopter with infrared sights not available to get those men the hell out of there?

-why were the men not equipped with gas masks?

-why did the men not have oxygen tanks available?

-why did the team not have infrared goggles to see through smoke.

We are in the second decade of the 21st century, are we not?

Surely we have access to all this equipment, which in an infernal situation like Yarnell, they become a matter of life or death.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for someone to take responsibility for the deaths of those 19 firefighters. Surely there was a command structure, and someone ORDERED those firefighters to get into the situation they were in.

Perhaps we are just looking for a scapegoat, perhaps serious errors of judgement were made by fire officials who are still alive.

But whatever the case may be, the point of this article is that the Federal Government indirectly killed those firefighters

It killed them through its police of 'pristine wilderness' in which no human being is allowed to go out there and MAINTIAN THOSE FORESTED AREAS by getting rid of dead, dry and desiccated shrubbery and trees, so that the dead material accumulates, turning our forests into infernos. No idea how to do that, America, then send your personnel to Europe to learn how – they are the experts in forest maintenance and preservation.

It killed them through its secret policy of spraying contrails containing ALUMINUM OXIDE, resulting in forests coated in a thick, flammable layer of aluminum, which flares up like a blowtorch when the vegetation catches fire.

It killed them when it chose (after the new flaming reality of aluminum coated pristine forests) not to supply state-of-the-art equipment and support at the State and Federal level to fight these new sorts of fires (fire fighting teams are pathetically under-funded, resorting to axes and shovels in accomplishing their mission).

Finally, if the Yarnell Fire Massacre is ignored, if new equipment and methodology is not immediately issued, then what you can look forward to, America, is more masses of dead firefighters.

Given the stupidity of our governments at the State and Federal level, I fear the 19 dead firefighters are just the first group to die fighting these infernal and unstoppable new sorts of forest fires we are facing.



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