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Ozone Deliberately Depleted With Chemtrails

We now know that Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) and/or “chemtrails” has been an aggressive covert operation since circa 1992 – and to a lesser degree from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Despite rumors of “conspiracy theory”, it is the Department of Defense who invented the term “Chemtrails” as a book title for a required chemistry class for future pilots at the US Air Force Academy.

But when federal agencies (USAF, FAA, NOAA, NASA) are confronted by the public with evidence of aerosol spraying the term chemtrails meets stonewall denial. Notwithstanding the robust, documented history of chemtrails as an invention of the DoD/USAF Academy, all agencies will go into lock-down denial no matter what context for using the word can be imagined. Period.

In contrast to the robotic denial, the Inter-Library loan system located a 1991 edition of a USAF Academy chemtrails manual that is currently available for PDF download.

deliberate ozone depletion 01A decade later, the term chemtrails appeared in House Resolution 2977, (HR-2977) sponsored by Congressman, Dennis Kucinch. The Bill was titled “The Space Preservation Act of 2001” and listed numerous advanced weather and space weapons to be hopefully abolished by a vote of Congress. The text of HR-2977 defines chemtrails as an “exotic weapon”. In popular use among civilian sky observers, chemtrails is a preferred term to describe unusual jet aircraft emissions that appear to be different than water vapor contrails or persistent contrails.

So the answer lies in the question: If chemtrails was invented by the DoD/USAF Academy how did the term come into global dominance to describe unusual jet emissions?

The evidence says the definition of chemtrails evolved directly from it’s intended use as a chemical aerosol deployed by Air force jet aircraft. Furthermore, examination of the chemtrails manual cover art reveals many clues to the “intent” even though the content does not refer to, or offer an explicit definition to the word “chemtrails”.

The participants in the secret SAG program were probably cooperative to the mission a the start because they were told that spraying aerosols was essential to national security and/or to protect the global population from “something”.

It’s not clear how many different motives were invented. Today, numerous agencies and contractors participate in secretly spraying the skies under various directives. This compartmentalization of mission provides the necessary obfuscation to exempt participants from the burden of responsibility and culpability. Most everyone involved would be found “not guilty” through the magic of plausible deniability.

deliberate ozone depletion 02

Spraying Monsanto’s Agent Orange poison over populations of innocent civilians during the Vietnam War is an example of how good soldiers and brave pilots will follow orders to perform atrocities. This flaw in human character – whether nature or nurture – has been exploited by wealthy sociopaths for far too long. Eisenhower referred to them as the Military-Industrial-Complex but left it to our imaginations to discover that only Congress can fund such evil intent.

deliberate ozone depletion 03Dane Wigington’s group at Geoengineering Watch were recently startled to to discover compelling evidence that significant amounts of lethal ultraviolet radiation (UVB and UVC) are penetrating the OZONE layer over a region of California. UVB can result in dire consequences to crops, forests, bees, people, oceans, plankton, oxygen, coral reefs polar ice-caps and much more. Our food supply could be in for a shock If destructive UVB/UVC radiation is no longer effectively filtered by an OZONE layer under constant attack by secret deployment of SAG/chemtrails.

Evidence That Depletion of the OZONE Layer is Deliberate and Intentional.

Back in 1962 destruction of the ozone layer was suggested by renowned meteorologist, Harry Wexler as a way to quickly warm the arctic region to melt ice sheets. For two decades following WWII “global warming” was regarded as a desirable outcome of geoengineering schemes and probably still is. (secretly). Wexler said:

“To destroy the ozone layer and hence increase abruptly the surface temperature of the Earth, by spraying “several hundred thousand tons of chlorine or bromine” with a stratospheric airplane.” Fleming, 2007(a), pp. 56-57; Fleming, 2007(b), “note n° viii” p. 9 & p. 5

More geoengineering schemes proposed by the Russians were intended to specifically provide access to oil-drilling by diverting warmer Atlantic ocean waters to arctic oceans. Here’s only one of several:

1958 Russian Oil engineer, P.M. Borisov’s proposed melting the Arctic and Greenland icecaps by spreading black coal dust on the ice, creating cloud-cover across the poles to trap heat and to divert warm Atlantic waters into the polar regions. This scheme was taken seriously by Soviet climatologists. Two conferences were held in Leningrad in the early 1960′s following an initial meeting in Moscow by the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1959.

An extended history of geoengineering projects intended to warm the arctic climate is a must-read and calls into question the complete Post-war paradigm shift from global warming as a good idea to global warming is suddenly a bad idea. What really happened?

Geoengineering: The Technological Fix to Climate Change?

deliberate ozone depletion 04I was barely surprised to learn that the CIA’s agency of thugs and spooks is “officially” recognized as integral to the business of climate change. After all, the CIA and Evergreen Air have been literal blood-brothers in the covert SAG/chemtrails operation for decades. There’s really nothing new except for a mysterious willingness to publicly disclose their criminal climate change activity.

Evergreen’s fleet of B-747 supertankers are fitted with their own patent of pressurized ejection ports capable of delivering tons of chemical weather modification aerosols over a distance of 200 miles. Although this amazing aircraft was presented to the public for it’s effective wildfire containment capabilities, not one aircraft has yet been deployed to assist the numerous killer wildfires in the western USA since it’s public debut in 2009. These super-tankers are far from sitting idle in the boneyard. Instead these mammoth 747’s are used to deploy geoengineering aerosols around the planet – a capability fully acknowledged in the Evergreen Air patent.

A ninth grade science student can see the folly in this reckless thinking as a setup for a literal armageddon of a negative climate feedback loops where ozone destruction has to be constantly mitigated by spraying more chemtrails to result in a vortex of further ozone destruction.

Alan Robock, a meteorologist at Rutgers responded to the CIA’s Pandora’s box of dangerous geoengineering plans:

“Geoengineering would open a Pandora’s Box. You would destroy the ozone, by putting particles up into the stratosphere. You would do nothing to stop ocean acidification. And that’s just one. You can add ozone hole depletion and uncertain effects on crops to the list.”

The CIA World Fact Book reveals how this fascist spawned agency is involved with climate change and global warming. Nearly all countries on earth who are listed as officially subscribed to these two agendas is quietly supporting the SAG/chemtrail project – but perhaps not for the reasons they think. A closer look reveals a third category, “protecting the OZONE layer”. In our current world of Orwellian double-speak we can easily substitute “manipulate” in place of “protect”. The best way to sell protection is to manipulate crime, or to create crime when there is none. Sound familiar?

Even while the CIA page portends to be a line of defense in protecting the climate they apparently regard the dangerous consequences of using ozone depleting aerosols as mitigation as a necessary evil, collateral damage or just the price of doing business.

If the elitist sociopaths are determined to control the food supply and population numbers the CIA’s involvement could be a “final solution” to spark a man-made extinction level event.

Last May, an important peer-reviewed study by Qing-Bin Lu, University of Waterloo found chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) not carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming.

Why is this ground-breaking work not published in the headlines of New York Times? The answer lies in who controls the media and who controls “climate change” propaganda with $Trillions at stake in profit from carbon tax speculation.

Qing-Bin Lu’s important work essentially re-discovers what the brilliant meteorologist Harry Wexler already knew about how to warm the arctic. If you want to melt ice sheets in a hurry, you destroy the OZONE layer.

If Arctic ice melts can be precisely targeted by selective ozone depletion using SAG/Chemtrails this could explain the differential of ice conditions at the melting North pole vs. the currently expanding ice mass at the South pole. Then the question becomes: Is it possible to melt ice at the north pole without creating an overall elevation of surface temperatures ie: global warming.?

Considering the recent work of Qing-Bin Lu, one thing is crystal clear. The influence of solar flares, coronal holes, gamma rays, UV radiation and anomalies of Space weather should be considered FIRST as a the most likely factor in determining so-called “climate change” here on earth.

The scientific method has been corrupted just when we need it most.

deliberate ozone depletion 05

Why have federal agencies apparently failed to report the lethal levels of ultraviolet radiation found by Wigington’s team? Is it for the same reason western media no longer covers the ongoing global level radiation emergency at Fukushima?

Wigington’s tests were reported for conditions in California. More (honest) research is needed to determine whether UVB/UVC is penetrating at lethal levels around the planet.

Science fraud has become rampant in many disciplines and agencies including the UN/IPCC and infamously at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) where Shyam Sunder and John Gross continue to be employed as guardians of the official 9/11 coverup, suppressing evidence that concludes the Twin Towers and WTC-7 were destroyed with pre-planted explosives – a fact that was initially reported on the afternoon of 9/11/2001 by veteran investigative reporter, Dan Rather. Rather was silenced, threatened and defamed following his correct assessment of how the buildings were demolished by “well-placed dynamite to knock it down.”

The covert SAG operations has maintained an astonishing cult of secrecy among most government agencies. But agency administrators are feeling the pangs of increasing discomfort as public awareness grows to critical mass where prepared lies are increasingly exposed as embarrassing, criminal acts.

One of the more egregious examples of murder by bureaucrat was the 2001 press conference where then, EPA head, Christie Todd Whitman spilled blood when she announced that the air at 9/11 ground zero was “safe” to breathe.

The Secret Space and weather weapons programs are ultimately under direction of a select faction of the US military as an issue of “national security”. But private contractors representing multinational interests make up the the actual R&D brains of the operation. A virtual gag-order is achieved by handing out “top secret” clearances to officials who are expected to provide honesty when interacting with the public. To protect their jobs (and possibly their life) administrators feel justified in publishing disinformation on contrails, chemtrails, weather products, cloud species, radiation and any distraction to protect this “national security secret” that is no less than a conspiracy by an army of unelected bureaucrats with a paid mission to betray the trust of the American people.

This unholy alliance officially began in1966 when NASA wrote the charter for a National Weather Modification program that enlisted nearly every federal agency under an R and D program that was quickly hijacked as a military weather weaponization initiative that incorporated secret electromagnetic weapons that had been successfully tested before announced by the military in 1958.

Some of us believe the US actually lost the war against Hitler’s NAZI Germany when operation paperclip (origainally operation overcast) imported NAZI scientists and administrators who’s fascist USA counter-parts – like the Bankster-connected Bush Crime Family – quietly greeted fresh goose-steps with open arms. The beginning of the end came when the formation of the CIA gave the fledgling NAZI/Bankster cabal status as an official SECRET government agency. Today, we have the NSA Pandora’s Box and the Department of Homeland Security – a title too reminiscent of the worst years of NAZI Germany.

The terms communist and fascist is now regarded as mostly interchangeable except in academia. In retrospect, the Mac Carthy hearings in pursuit of “enemies of the State” infiltrating the government buearocracy were not so bogus after all. Senator Joseph Macarthy knew something was wrong and came out swinging. Because of his excessive abuse of witnesses he was successfully demonized by the very infiltrators who were entrenched for the ultimate takeover of the US economy.

Wall Street executive Bankster and grandfather of GW Bush, Prescott Bush was elected to the US Senate in 1952, the same year MacCarthy was re-elected to head the Senate subcommittee on investigations where he was ultimately discredited.



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