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Water Will Be Privatized By Dirty Corporations With Bad Intentions

Jesse Ventura’s show on Conspiracy Theory packs a wallop. He has found his niche in life and that is one reason the power brokers in our country, like the multinational corporations, want him off the air waves. Water is a most important natural resource. Twenty percent of our planet and the people do not have access to water. In twenty years only the rich will be able to buy water.

Do you sense that the Project for a New American Century will have its way and exterminate six plus billion human beings because our planet can only sustain five hundred million people???

Lake Mead is draining. Multinational corporations are at the heart of the water conspiracy theory. WATER WILL BE PRIVATIZED! Our politicians are in bed with dirty corporations. Water is blue gold and more important than oil. Who controls the water will control the world! T. Boone Pickens is part of the water conspiracy theory. Corporations are moving into our cities to control the water plant systems. The American government will determine who will live and who will die!!! The Bush Family has huge tracks of land in Paraguay and Paraguay sits on huge reservoirs of underground water. Who says oil and water do not mix? T. Boone Pickens is another example of where oil and water mix. His Mesa Verde Ranch in Texas is sixty-eight thousand acres and the water rights under his land are free. He only has to drill to the water and he does not pay any royalties for the precious water. T. Boone Pickens has apparently paid off Texas lawmakers for the law that owners of land have the natural resources.

Are anti-psychotic drugs being poured into our water to control our minds??? No government regulates what is put into our bottled water.

The Great Lakes is the prize in controlling fresh water. Our bottled water is unregulated. Our precious water is being shipped to China. Michigan charges no royalties on its water. John Engler, Michigan’s former governor, gave dirty corporations a free pass America and Michigan citizens. The Nestle Corporation is involved in this water conspiracy. IS AMERICA DOOMED??? ALL INDICATORS ARE POINTING IN THAT DIRECTION!!! The Great Lakes are also being drained of its precious fresh water. Nestle control ninety plus billion gallons of fresh water. A place called Sanctuary in Northern Michigan is suppose to be a game sanctuary but in reality it is controlled by Nestle and it is pumping out billions of gallons of water.

Water is a highly political subject. Water is also tainted with mind controlling drugs. Lithium and uranium are found in our water. These are dangerous poisons. Plastic bottles are also dangerous. Our deadly water will be poisoning our children for generations. China is a big manufacturer of plastics. China is also stockpiling our good water and letting us drink our toilet bowel water.

Before Jesse Ventura ended his show on water conspiracy theory, he posed a question, “WILL THE AIR WE BREATHE BE FOR SALE BY DIRTY CORPORATIONS?”



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