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Destroying Children With The Cloak Of ADHD

Are you aware that ADD and ADHD are labels created by the pharmaceutical industry to get parents to agree to medicating their children so they will be less intelligent, easily controlled, and make perfect slaves to the elite? It’s true.

Lies that affect the nutrition parents feed their children go hand in hand with this prescription for unbalanced children to create the conditions required so psychiatrists can prescribe mood-altering drugs.

Lies like, “milk must be pasteurized to be safe”, etc. are actually causing negative health conditions in children while they make it increasingly difficult to purchase raw milk that is loaded with key vitamins and nutrients we all need to be emotionally stable and physically healthy.

Many parents found that by removing tainted and pasteurized dairy products from their child’s diet eliminated the ADD/ADHD condition completely. No surprise, considering the hormones, herbicides, pesticides and other dangerous nastiness that frequently poison dairy products.

ADHD, your child, drugs, corruption… are words that should not be in the same sentence – or same conversation for that matter. Last month, a study was published that makes it questionable whether this generation of children stands even a remote fighting chance against the pharmaceutical companies…. They do if their parents are informed…

Let us start with the conclusion of the study: “Later start of stimulant drug treatment of attention/hyperactivity disorder is associated with academic decline in mathematics.” Translation: if you want your kids to do well in school you need to get them on stimulant drugs as early as possible, hopefully while still in the womb.

The fact that one of the researchers on the study received funding from a pharmaceutical company that makes drugs to treat ADHD is more than wrong; it should be outright illegal to have such a conflict of interest – but that’s another conversation.

The statistics are out of control and climbing: almost one in ten children in America are diagnosed with ADHD and over 65 percent of them are currently on prescription medication. Medications that have dozens of side effects. Medications that can cause irreversible damage, trigger auto-immune disorders, cause insomnia, stomach disorders… And yet, we see quotes like this: “There are obvious benefits of getting started sooner rather than later,” J. Russell Ramsay says to Reuters Health; he studies ADHD at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia.



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