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Is Legal Marijuana Part Of The Illuminati Agenda?

Marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington State. Uruguay recently became to first country to completely legalize it. Does this trend represent a setback for the Illuminati or an extension of their agenda? I asked readers and
give my own views at the end.

Marcos in Sao Paulo Writes:

Whenever we read anything that promises to be "sacred knowledge", be sure it is some anti-scientific magical way to get in contact with spirit guides. Real knowledge would bring some kind of verifiable proof that a substance has curative properties. I don't consider the words of a Luciferian mason to be trustworthy at all.

It is very clear that the new world order is pushing for total liberalization of drugs all around the world. The push is coordinated by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, whose members include high ranking Illuminati people such as Virgin's Richard Branson, United Nations former secretary Kofi Anann, former Brazil President Cardoso, etc.

They are backed by the Open Society and Avaaz, two George Soros organizations. Marxist Uruguay has recently decriminalized marijuana, to the joy of narco-terrorist organizations such as the FARC. In Sao Paulo, we now have an area downtown where filthy crack cocaine zombies are free to rob and murder people, because they have been protected and even receive a salary from our Marxist mayor.

The globalists have three main objectives in mind: increase in criminality in order to help to create the necessary chaos to implement the new world order, the dumbing down of the general population by an obsessive self preoccupation with individual pleasure (will a junkie take care of a family?), and the facilitation of mental states that induce spiritual contact with demonic spirits.

The use of drugs is vehemently forbidden by God in the Bible and it is equated with sorcery (pharmakeia).

Marijuana is the door to heavier drugs. Drug addiction is started by a social, group dynamic. People consume it not in a lab setting, but in parties, with lots of pressure from friends to upgrade to heavier drugs. They also tend to attract kids with psychological and emotional problems.

I find it amazing that people who read your site can't recognize the strategy behind the liberalization. I guess people just want to get high and create rationalizations for their behavior.

Mike Writes:

The recent trend to legalize marijuana does not represent a threat to the Illuminati and certainly not a change of heart. Purchasing a legally limited and overpriced substance from a government owned or monitored facility does not exactly represent freedom.

People seem to forget that the original intent of our laws were not to control and dominate us, but to represent us. This suggests that we Are the law. Yet who feels that way when they go begging at a government-controlled office?

A lot of things can deal effectively with cancer and other diseases, but it is important to recognize that there is a monopoly in control which essentially owns the communications industry and the political parties.

It makes billions of dollars in profit each year and will never be swayed by what is best for the people. Not only that, but poor nutrition, harmful drug remedies and dubious vaccinations are required to insure a steady stream of customers to support the industry.

Do you think a naturalistic hospital could survive within a country dominated by the Rock-feller alopathic system? It would conveniently explode, like the Texas fertilizer plant that intended to challenge Monsanto in court.

Now the advent of genetically modified seeds, and the insane go-along acceptance by the public. We already know all about the Illuminati, but maybe we should start studying the public, ourselves. It is a fact that the Illuminati power rests on the ignorance, greed, apathy and proneness to delusion of the general public, ourselves. Maybe a discussion of 'Fairy Tales' would be in order.

Charlotte Harrison-Smith seems to think that RICO was set up to deal with organized crime. But i would suggest that our whole system consists of interlinked organized crime, and therefore the RICCO Act was designed to protect organized crime. The legal system, medical system and political system are all rackets, and to think that any of them represent you is an unfortunate delusion which just may come around to bite you in the backside.

There is no question about the medicinal value of marijuana, but to suggest that it is a necessity to gain a higher awareness or to compensate for the dullness in your life is to hold a materialist perspective like the Illuminati and their useful idiots.

More important is to realize that you are being weakened and off-balanced in the longer run by poor nutrition and prescription medications. It is not enough that a few websites mention the dangers of a few bad food additives in passing. Unconsciously the public is being influenced by the full weight of commercial marketing. What is being done against the public through its consumption of essentially poisonous foods, poisonous entertainment and poisonous social engineering are all components of a full court press.

What i am suggesting is that good health is primary, so that medicinal substances shouldn't be needed at all. Dentists and pharmacies and hospitals and medicare or Obamacare should not be needed. Knowledge is power, and neither the schools nor the mainstream media can be depended upon for this. We take back our power by taking on the responsibility ourselves and not relying on any designated authorities.

My View:

Alcohol is 100 times more harmful than marijuana. Why should it be legal and encouraged while cannabis is banned?

Marijuana allows many people to shed the shackles of their socialization and see life authentically again. It is turning on the headlights after driving down a highway in the dark. Suddenly you can see the white line.

The Illuminati have always supported psychedelics presumably to make people passive politically. Nevertheless, marijuana can put people in touch with their soul, and for that reason I support its legalization.



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