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Eating Disorders And MKULTRA / Monarch Mind Control Programming

This topic, for me as a Saskatchewan, Canada blogger/researcher, is like a gem in a gravel pit. I am blogging to keep myself alive as a person, parent and professional veterinarian.

I unwittingly married in 1978 (separated June 2004) a Roman Catholic Jesuit-trained MKULTRA trauma-based/SRA-based mind control programmed male veterinarian (1950s/1960s, Calgary Alberta Canada) whose Beta sex slave programming as a programmed multiple or MPD/DID led him to being in our small child household a psychotic pedophile.

This was/is also a CIA & U.K. Tavistock heist with the N.A. Medical Mafia playing key roles in this heinous, criminal MC programming of minor children.

My ex’s Delta assassin programming is also intact based on his 2005 (at the age of 52) legally valid court psychometric test results where his severe & chronic PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) profile suggests like in the 2007 movie, Mr. Brooks (Kevin Costner), he has killed people and continues to do so.

Actually in SK, in particular Saskatoon SK area, serial killings by programmed multiples over the past few decades have been occurring all along, no doubt, but the SK gov’t Monarch trauma-based/SRA-based MC programming child abuse op (late 1980s to date) with their dirty Crown Prosecution lawyers, judges and pawn police have covered up for them, based on the availability of CREMATORIUMS, whether privately owned by a bribed/black-mailed/threatened (by the high-degreed freemasons or Jesuits) mortician or gov’t-run, often university-located &/or hospital-located crematoriums.

My blog theme establishes the credibility of my statements here, which is to expose the New World Order/Illuminati/high-degreed freemasonry global elite’s heist here in N.A. where they are about to establish their anti-human rights, dictatorial one world gov’t but even more important to them is their one world religion which is esoteric masonry or the worship of the fallen angel Lucifer (Satanism).

Now back to my theme of EATING DISORDERS and MKULTRA/Monarch mind control programming.

The bulimia/anorexia complex is a psychiatric disorder and it is a new disorder, only identified in the 1980s by a British psychiatrist.

This no doubt shows our Illuminati British red Queen’s control of the U.K. and the full control of her Tavistock global MC programming center in London, England over the U.K. and 40 other countries she owns & controls as likely the second wealthiest entity in the world.

The BBC in November 2010, stated that 30% of the U.K. citizens are seriously mentally ill that authorities know of; many of these are Tavistock-produced programmed multiples but often are falsely diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenics.

I fully believe that most of the bulimia/anorexia cases showing up globally in the past 30 years, especially in our N.A. teenage and university female populations are because they are MONARCH trauma-based/SRA-based mind control programmed slaves.

So those of you living in Saskatchewan Canada, the cogs of your mind should be turning here, especially those living in or in nearby rural communities to the TAVISTOCK-like nidus of Monarch MC programming, SASKATOON SK which is fully aided & abetted by the Roman Catholic Jesuits who are the global Vatican Gestapo and experts at MC programming for 500 years, beginning with their experience in their INQUISITIONS.

So don’t trust the Catholic communities because many are in the know about this heinous, Monarch trauma-based/SRA-based mind control programming child abuse op, especially in SK Canada right now.

Irish Catholic ex-MKULTRA MC slave, U.S. Cathy O’Brien (born 1957, MI, just south of Ontario Canada, with a huge Monarch MC programming op) was brought up in a Roman Catholic school system and the teachers knew about which students were MKULTRA and who were not and allowed them to be separated out for abuse treatment.

I believe in Saskatchewan Canada, that for the past 20 years, that our education system which includes the public school system, the private religious school system and the CATHOLIC separate school system (SK taxpayer funded which makes no sense because there is no separation of church & state here) all have co-operated with the SK gov’t-backed/SRA-based Monarch mind control programming which began by order of our British Illuminati Monarch in the late 1980s.

The SK gov’t began to tap child MC victims from bribed Court of Queen’s Bench family law judges’ pro-pedophile verdicts, the corrupted SK Social Services foster system (that’s what the early 1990s Martensville SK young foster child/SRA scandal was all about it appears) and the Medical Mafia who provide huge numbers of children, targeting those children who show up at their Dr. Jesus medical clinics as incest victims based on say a venereal disease and/or they note the single mothers who have a medical history of drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and/or mental disorders and these mind control programming medical doctors tap these vulnerable children….often at birth….since these poor mothers always use the free MEDICARE system….rather than midwives etc.

It appears the local medical clinic is deeply involved in tapping & then managing minor Canadian Monarch MC children even into young adulthood because it appears the SK op is producing a lot of female Beta sex slaves for the lucrative child sex crime trades.

I live around 35 miles north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

But it also has come up to my attention that the local schools both public and private religious may be aware of these Monarch MC slave children and aid/abet with their programming and are protecting them from breaking-out so that the public cannot figure out what kind of human rights crimes are occurring.

Of course for this to happen, that is for SK white collar professionals and/or school teachers/principals to get involved with this kind of child abuse, they have to have key PROGRAMMED MULTIPLES in authority positions.

This I have observed of the local KKK Mafia group….both male & female programmed multiple profiled doctor(s), nurse(s), leader school teacher(s) and watch the local mental health professionals and school counsellors as well as certain CHURCH leaders both Protestant and Catholic.

They also have to indoctrinate these SK public servants with such intimate contact with children & teens to co-operate with Monarch MC programming of minor Canadian children for reasons of NATIONAL SECURITY….since programmed multiples are useful as super spies, super soldiers, super ATHLETE, drug mules, Delta assassins, Theta (psychic) assassins and for our greedy gov’t, the Beta sex slaves who create a black budget op, via the lucrative child sex crime trades &/or our SK-based, rich & powerful white collar coven of Freemasonic Rosicrucian chid sexual vampires….or ritual abuse of children, which Queenie is deeply involved in… well as SRA child human sacrifice and drinking their adrenalin-laced blood.

So an EATING DISORDER, for a moral mental health clinician (there is NONE I have found in SK; it appears Queenie beknighted the RUH/Ellis Hall/Dubay, U. of S., Saskatoon SK campuses as her Tavistock Monarch MC programming center so most of the medical psychiatrists working there are involved &/or are doing a cover up and they service even my rural town) is a key clinical sign of a child/young female being a Monarch MC slave.

My ex who I lived with me for around 25 years, had/has a front alter that fooled me and obviously many others over time but he was always queer and very emotionally/mentally/socially/spiritually/financially abusive in-home (like he loved trying to starve us out; we have six children) because his MC programming was beginning to deteriorate which means he was then and still is VERY DANGEROUS!

Most of the time the Illuminati kill their beta sex MC slaves by the age of 30 since their programming begins to break down based on aging & hormonal changes in the brain; my ex right now is 58 years old, AT LARGE and protected by the SK gov’t from proper induced-MPD medical psychiatric treatment and he has access as a veterinarian to small animal human formulated narcotics & controlled drugs…so this SK-based SRA child abuse coven have all the drugs they need to subdue their child victims or kill them (large animal Rompun/xylazine).

The ex was very paranoid in his behaviours as he began to decompensate by the 1990s and to 2004, when he left the family farm home.

I noticed he always had trouble with weight maintenance and over-eating but he’d binge and then back off enough to maintain closer to normal weight but he as a big-framed male was often 50 pounds overweight.

After the year 2000, the year his apparent Roman Catholic mother/MC handler died, the ex really went queer and thought the dentists had poisoned him and that carbohydrates were poisoning him.

He went on a strict diet for about a year (2002-2003) when he only ate watery vegetable and browned hamburger (then developed kidney stones apparently from this extremism) and then for months he drank VOLCANIC ASH so cleanse his colon….he was very paranoid about things were growing in his colon and this ash was cleansing this evil out of his system.

The ex’s severely traumatized anus….tells the story of mass-raping under MKULTRA…so no wonder he thought the volcanic ash colon cleanse was necessary to cleanse his psyche of this sexual abuse but there is also evidence he carries very dangerous, no-cure viral venereal diseases.

The ex in the custody/access trial I ran in May 2007 spoke into the court record that he planned as the custodial parent (which was pre-planned by the Tavistock court psycho-ologist, the collusive, female enable judge and his programmed multiple doctor peers, who are apparent pedophiles themselves…and this Masonic court follows no DUE PROCESS as a eugenic family court) to starve my five minor daughters out and feed them only watery vegetables and lean browned hamburger since carbohydrates cause mental illness.

The other major clinical sign my ex exhibited was the smell of SULFUR on his breath & body for months at a time from 2002 to 2004 and beyond (in the fall of 2005 when the ex set up court proceedings vs. me to gain control of his child victims, he was in the same elevator as me in the Saskatoon SK 4th Avenue tower with the family court being on the top or 9th floor and he smelled the whole elevator of people up with is garlic-like sulphur smell).

This is a classic sign for demon possession and this is what this brainy, Nazi German MKULTRA Dr. Josef Mengele clones do….in Monarch MC programming, that is they layer in demonic personalities via SRA abuses.

This too was one of the clinical signs of a so-called Mennonite young woman who stayed on/off with me at my farm in the fall of 2009.

She ended up in this area by attending a religious high school in our local town and she was a terminal BULIMIC based on observed clinical signs at my own home and based on what others reported who hosted her.

She was binge eating and purging from morning until night every day basically; this means she was going to KILL herself…since the body can’t take this electrolyte imbalance for long and these young victims can succumb to fatal heart attacks.

Let’s call her Sally.

Sally’s profile was amazing….very pretty , bright, no excess fat on her body, very athletic and a professional liar and con woman as a eating addict.

Sally was a virtual Amazon; in hunting season she easily shot a deer, but claimed to have no gun training.

After watching the 2010 film Salt, starring Angelina Jolie, where she was a Russian-trained (from childhood; abducted from her American parents who conveniently died in a car crash) Delta assassin MC slave, but she was good soil and rebelled vs. her programming….this was Sally to a “T” for Tavistock.

Born & raised in the City of Saskatoon, I am sure she was tapped for Monarch MC programming in the 1990s….likely by the Medical Mafia.

However I warn the sheople that the CHURCHES….outside of the Catholic ones who are confirmed MC programming supporters…those city, mega churches whether Protestant or Pentecostal are masonically controlled and in Saskatoon SK….they aid/abet it appears Monarch MC programming of children and monitor MC slaves (she also appeared to be Beta sex in her programming)….so they have special youth programs….Sally liked one church in particular….a church with many doctors in attendance.

I think that the local religious high school has MC moles who knew Sally was a Monarch and protected her programming along with the local Dr. Jesus medical clinicians….but they actually turned her out to die as a bulimic.

Sally ended up in 2010 at an allegedly religious-based healing ministry in St. Louis MI but it may have been a CIA front for MC slaves who need fixing….like when their BULIMIA/anorexia cycling makes them too obvious to the public.

Since I learned about MKULTRA/Monarch trauma-based/SRA-based mind control programming in late 2009, I have learned a lot about the clinical signs and I did live with an MKULTRA MC slave for 25 years…so now as a genetic dyslexic with three science degrees (two with distinction) can tell you that there are many young Monarch MC slaves wandering around in Saskatchewan right now and several in my own local town.

It appears about half of SK’s population suffers from some kind of mental disorder and that includes our children; this is likely due to SK gov’t-backed Monarch MC programming; many of the SK foster children are heavily medicated with doctor-prescribed anti-psychotics.

My ex likely was discarded (but not fully; they have followed him all his life and helped him get into & through vet school even though his grades were erratic and often low) from the full agenda of his MKULTRA mind control programming career based on the Calgary AB-based MC doctors botching the electro-shock of his brain stem which if scarred in this way creates photographic memory.

The ex ended up with a neurological disorder just like other N.A. child MC slaves whose brainstem electro-shock was botched….with a false MS….which in the ex was diagnosed decades later circa 2001 by a Saskatoon SK neurologist.

The local town’s Dr. Jesus medical clinic (which is eugenics-based by the will of past-Premier Tommy Douglas who helped establish “free” taxpayer-paid MEDICARE in SK in 1962 and who in 1933 defended his pro-eugenics masters’ thesis) appears to have their own Mengele clones….the one doctor who stabbed me and my six children in the back in late 2004 to early 2005 and aborted my children’s local police (RCMP) child sexual abuse interviews, so that my ex was not imprisoned and provided expert forensic psychiatric help…a Dr. B. suddenly became at the same time my ex’s personal physician.

However our exposure to this Dr. B. who is our age peer (both my ex & are were born in 1952; I was born & raised in Rosthern SK) actually went back to the late 1980s, which were his early years of practice in our local town….where he seemed to really enjoy as a G.P. a local speciality in gynaecology….apparently stripping pregnant females vulvae areas weeks before birth telling these naive & often primip mothers that they wouldn’t tear during parturition with this technique.

I presented for only around two years for pregnancy monitoring, to this doctor circa 1989 where I gave birth to my first daughter (second child) in January 1990 at the local hospital where Dr. B. attended the birth.

I was up all night in labour and she was born around 7:00 a.m. so by that night I slept soundly from fatigue, being wakened by the night nurse only every 3 hours to breast feed the baby.

I know with one of the apparent local young female Monarch MC slaves, who was also born at this hospital circa early 1990s….she was taken away to the university hospital right after birth for 24 hours for observation (really??!!….what about electro-shock of the brainstem) and she was a perfectly healthy baby at birth.

My baby girl of all of my babies (six) born at the local hospital and that was the only birth which Dr. B. attended had neurological problems which at first appeared as weakness in suckling, sleeping too much and depressed in all her baby ways in the weeks and months after birth.

It appears now over the years she has developed a false MS neurological syndrome.

So if Dr. B. who may be a programmed multiple (they tapped so many of the Western Canadian baby boomers after WWII in W. Canada and I am the first to go public with it 60 years later) knew that my ex was a MKULTRA as well, he could have got ONLY the father’s permission in early 1990, for my daughter’s brain stem to be electro shocked to scar it but they botched it too.

I know my ex, at the time of the birth of this first born daughter and for days after was extremely DEPRESSED or was it guilt that he’d agreed with Dr. B. apparently to destroy his own daughter’s brain?

Click here to view the book Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler. Part 2 deals with MKULTRA/Monarch trauma-based/SRA-based mind control programming:



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