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World War One Was A Conspiracy

Seamus Milne wrote in The Guardian two days ago about World War One, or to be more specific he was commenting on the suggestion from der Fuhrer David Cameron of spending £50 million on a "truly national commemoration" of World War One, with school visits to the trenches, etc.

Milne has fallen into the trap of the economic theory of history, as others have, which proposes that all wars have been due to economics and competing empires. Milne's background? PPE at Oxford (one of the favourite routes for MPs), Economics at Birkbeck, and then far left politics, possibly sympathetic communism.

Of all the history I have read on WW1, nobody answers this question : why did Kaiser Wilhelm II write in his memoirs that he believes that Freemasonry is to blame?

Why would the King of Germany suggest that?

Was it to pass the blame? Many do blame Germany for starting WW1. Germany was defeated and forced to accept blame. The Treaty of Versailles then devastated Germany. But there is strong, and royal, evidence that Germany was tricked into invading Belgium, with Wilhelm II having been led to believe by the King of England that Great Britain would not involve itself in any war on the continent, but as soon as Germany invaded Belgium Great Britain cited an obscure treaty with Belgium that it did not need to enforce and declared war on Germany.

Did Wilhelm II have some evidence to support his Freemasonic allegation? Well, he cites "a distinguished Freemason" who told him that Freemasonry planned it all to create a power vacuum in Central Europe.

So is there any evidence to support this?


The event that kicked off WW1 was the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand. But guess what? It was well known that Ferdinand had been condemnded to death by Freemasonry...AND HE KNEW IT! And guess something else; the assassins were Freemasons and received assistance from Freemasons abroad!

But that was just the trigger. Decades before the assassination the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England had been creating a series of alliances that would trap Germany, given the right event. That man was King Edward VII, and suspected Jack the Ripper.

Wilhelm II states that the reason for WW1 was to create a power vacuum in Central Europe. This is partly true. The devastating Treaty of Versailles led to the rise of a nationalist Hitler supported by Wall Street. But other consequences of WW1 were that Russia was finally destabilised enough, after decades of failed manipulation, so that a Communist revolution finally succeeded (Jacob Schiff proudly boasted of his finance of and assistance to the revolutionaries), and Palestine was taken from the Ottomans after the British through TE Lawrence tricked the Arabs into joining the British and rebelling against the German allies the Ottomans. But the Arabs were later stabbed in the back when the British and Americans backed the ibn Saud tribe to take control of the territory, who later created Saudi Arabia, with Palestine given to the Jews through the Balfour Declaration and later conferences and treaties.

But the anticipated world government born from WW1 did not survive. The League of Nations failed because the USA voted out of it, because the USA had fought in the war only during the final months and did not experience death like the rest, such as France and Great Britain.

So a Second World War was required.

With Wall Street behind both Communism and Nazism, WW2 was bound to occur between the two extreme ideologies. Communist spies in the USA gave the USSR the bomb, and we also gave the USSR Eastern Europe, despite going to war to save Poland from tyranny. Many German Jews did not take up the opportunity to migrate to Palestine, despite initial assistance from the Nazis, which turned into racist attacks, and then the Holocaust, which did eventually persuade the Jews that Palestine was the only safe haven for them from a cruel and harsh world.

So today we see a serious, serious war brewing in the Middle East.

And the driving force?


A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses, were both written by the same bunch of Zionutters, and both demanded war on Israel's enemies, but with American muscle. The trigger for the series of wars in the Middle East was 9/11, which is blamed, by most if not all the world's intelligence agencies, on Israel. (See Francesco Cossiga November 2007)

Can you see a common factor?

WW1? Palestine was taken from the Ottomans.

WW2? Despite a decade or so of at first assistance and then intimidation from the Wall Street-financed Nazis, German Jews wanted to stay at home. As did most of world Jewry. But after the Holocaust...?

WW3? 9/11 was done by Israel and Saudi Arabia (CONFIRMED!), and is threatening to develop into the WW3 of the plan attributed to the Freemasonic sicko Albert Pike, resulting in a tyrannical world government that would rapidly implement drastic human population reduction and eugenics policies.

But back to Milne.

There is a danger that if this conspiracy is not recognised then we will fall into a trap, because we think that "hey, shit happens".

Yes, shit does happen. People die in motorway crashes. People fall down stairs and break their backs. Rabbits get run over.

Shit happens.

But these are very minor events.

But when it comes to monumental events, such as world wars, then there is a blatantly obvious conspiracy, with the same cabal behind it all, creating trillions out of thin air to finance it all.

Milne is absolutely write to mock der Fuhrer with this nationalistic WW1 'celebration'. We are at this very minute killing old folk in hospitals by dodgy doctors putting them on The Liverpool Care Pathway for no other reason than to save money because we bailed out fascist bankers when we should have sent them to jail for a very, very, very long time. Most patients who were put on the LCP but then taken off it have survived for a long time after. But we are also indirectly financing al Qaeda in Syria. We helped them in Libya. We gave them sanctuary with the Covenant of Security.

And as for Jimmy Savile and the establishment that knew and protected him...?

Milne is one of the better journalists at The Guardian.

But it does my head in when someone like Milne still peddles the "shit happens" theory of history, blaming it all on economic forces.

Israel was not created due to economic forces. It is a parasite of the USA.

When is Charlie Skelton being appointed Editor in Chief at The Guardian?