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Fox News Controlled By Illuminati

Is Fox News another NWO Media? David Vose’s important message about Fox News... “Do you see the Illuminati advisors and anchors on everyone of the channels? Do you know Wolf Blitzer is one of the fake so called Jews? As is Krauthammer, Geraldo Rivera, Bernard Goldberg, the Guy that tells Bill O’Reilly what to say. John Stossel, of course, Glen beck is Mormon, an Illuminati control group.

As the other News agencies are filled with the same… Barbra Walters, Gloria Steinem, Rachel Maddow’s DAD is Jewish, (that makes her Jewish) Jeff Birnbaum, Ann Landers, Ted Koppel, Katie Couric, Jim Cramer, Bill Maher, Howard Stern, and on and on… Many Jews have covered up their Jewishness, so it is not always easy to know. “

“But, we can clearly see the conspiracy. Friends these people are NOT real JEWS from ancient Israel. So when you watch these SO CALLED News agencies, remember this is NOT FAIR and balanced.. What is their agenda? Notice how the various news agencies try to pretend that they hate each other, and are on different teams. It is just a lie friends. ”



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