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Retirement Savings: One Of The Biggest Scams Of The Modern World

One of the biggest scams and conspiracies of the modern world has been retirement savings plans. Think of it this way, from the time you start working you get asked to pay into these programs. Of course you don't have to but they make you afraid that you won't have any money when you retire.

This, coupled with employment insurance payments and income tax (which are also unlawfully taken without your consent) keep you from earning the money that you could otherwise save for retirement.

Now the conspiracy, and it involves the medical industries and the environmental protection agencies...

We know that they intentionally put poisons in our food and water (fluoride, aspartame, BHA, BPA, etc) and sell poisonous drugs and call them cures which decreases your life expectancy to maybe 60 if your lucky.

Then by that time you are probably on about 5 different medications... and tick tick tick... and the chance of you having a retirement is removed.

The government then pockets all that money and bob's your uncle.

You have served your purpose and thank you for all the donations.



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