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Alien Doorway Discovered On Mercury's Surface

Conspiracy theorists have found what they believe to be an 'alien doorway' on the surface of the planet Mercury. The rectangular shaped object was first spotted on satellite imagery by Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, who claimed it showed proof of an 'entrance' on the planet.

But the video footage was uploaded by alien hunter Tyler Glockner from Secure Team 10, who gave his own theory.

Talking over the clip, Tyler says: "Mercury has been rarely spoken about by the space agencies.

"There has been a question of whether there is a reason why planets like Mercury are rarely spoken about and that maybe that's because they don't want anyone's attention focusing on [them]."

alien doorway discovered on mercurys surface 01

Tyler points out that the rectangular shape appears to be out on its own with no similar shapes nearby.

But as he further examines the image, he offers an alternative theory to Waring's doorway idea.

"It became clear to me that this is not an entrance at all. In fact, it's something much more magnificent.

"This big, black rectangle? This is a shadow. So then you ask, where's the shadow coming from, and what is casting such a large, long shadow?

alien doorway discovered on mercurys surface 02

"And that my friends, is this large rectangular object, monolith-looking structure towering up above the surface."

The footage was uploaded to the Secure Team 10 YouTube channel on November 8 and has been viewed more than 238,000 times.

Viewers were divided over the video, with one writing: "It looks like an electrical discharge from something."

But another simply said: "That's a shadow on Mercury, not a doorway."