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Alien Abductions: Part Of A Global Conspiracy

In March of 1999, Sylvia Wineroth, a single woman in her late twenties, recalled the terrifying memory of her abduction by a race of aliens known as The Greys.

“I’m lying on a hard, cold table. My sight is almost completely blinded by a bright light directly above my head. I can just see movement in my peripheral vision. I’m screaming for help inside my head but am unable to move or speak. I can hear a voice in my head telling me that I will be returned to my home soon. The voice tells me that they have successfully taken a fetus from my womb but not to worry because I had another. Then, they thanked me for my assistance.”

We’ve all heard the typical alien encounter stories that begin with a midnight abduction and are followed by medical procedures and experiments that don’t end until the abductee finds themselves safely back in their beds the following morning. As gruesome as they are, stories about fetus removal and surgical procedures on the abductee’s genitals have even become commonplace.

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Some common conspiracy theories suggest that the grey aliens are obtaining and utilizing our DNA to assist with their own declining mortality or are working to perfect an alien-human hybrid for an inevitable alien takeover of the world. Whether you believe that their efforts to genetically engineer themselves as superior beings led them to their inability to reproduce or that another race of aliens, known as The Reptilians, created The Greys for the sole purpose of their servitude, it is clear that they are very much interested in our genetic makeup. Sylvia offers another explanation based on information she claims she received from the greys while aboard their ship.

“Conspiracy theorists have it backwards. They aren’t trying to create an alien-human hybrid; they are an alien human hybrid. Back in ancient times, an alien race called the Carians visited this planet and procreated with early man. As a result, there was a jump in the physical and mental evolution of the human species. Later, another less benevolent alien race called the Reptilians attempted to copulate with man but for very different and more malevolent reasons. The offspring were born small and while mentally capable, they lacked the ability to reproduce. They came to be known as the Greys. As they began to grow old and die out, the Reptilians no longer found them of use and abandoned them. Their only hope of survival was to identify the faulty genetics in the union of the Reptilians and Humans and correct it. That is the reason for the abductions. In many ways, they are tortured as they have no choice but to dissect their very ancestors in search of answers before they are extinct. They did not ask to be created, yet they do desire to survive.”

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Regardless of their alleged ancestry, many would argue that they do not possess the right to use humans as lab rats on which to experiment. Before you make your decision, I suggest that you read the remainder of her testimony on behalf of the ailing aliens.

“It is true that people are taken without their consent and subjected to experimentation aboard their crafts. However, what is not commonly known is that the Greys perform healing procedures on those in need. Despite their inability to correct their genetic defects, they do possess advanced medical knowledge to cure and correct many human illnesses and conditions.”

Over the years, abductees have reported that tumors had suddenly disappeared from their bodies. Others claim that after being aboard the Grey’s space ship that their long time conditions, ranging from chronic arthritis to Muscular Dystrophy, had vanished.

Skeptics within the believers community hold firm in their denouncement of the Greys’ abductions and erase their good deed of healing as simply a step toward having a healthy specimen on which to experiment.

According to Sylvia, she reaped the benefit of her exposure to the aliens with regard to a long-time condition from which she suffered.

“Ever since I was a child, I was subjected to extreme headaches; migraines most of the time. They would start with no warning and bring me to tears. I spent days at a time in the hospital and I performed poorly at school. Later, as an adult, I could not keep a job due to my absences as I sat in my bed and writhing in pain. Medications took the edge off so I could get a few hours of sleep here and there but I wouldn’t eat or drink and sank into depression. After being told that they had taken a fetus from me, I was returned home and wanted to die. But I remembered what they had said about another fetus. I tested positive for a pregnancy later that day and have never had a migraine since.”

Some believe that global alien contact will occur this century. As theories continue to evolve and witnesses and abductees share their personal experiences, we will have to wait for first contact and for the explanation of the Greys’ presence on Earth, both in the past, present and future.



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