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The Bilderberg Papers: More Or Less Than Meets The Eye?

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Earlier this month, the Public Intelligence website presented its “Bilderberg Primary Source Academic Material Archive” (Figure 1), which contains the PDF files of some 38 Bilderberg conference reports between 1954 and 2002, plus a number of other primary documents, including official Bilderberg notices to participants, selected discussion papers, correspondence and meeting notes written by participants. It is quite a trove that is of enormous value to any serious researcher into the Bilderberg Group as it fills in large gaps in the record about the annual conference, making it easier to uncover how it has influenced transatlantic policy over the past 62 years.

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Bilderbergers Planned The Kosovo War In 1996
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During and following the 1996 Bilderberg Conference, we asserted that Bilderberger Bill Clinton would be re-elected as U.S. president; that he would promptly break his promise to bring American troops home from Bosnia, but that he would re-position them in Hungary and the surrounding countries instead and pass command of the Bosnian operation to a German general and 3,000 German combat troops from Heidelberg [this later occurred, in October, 1996]; and that the Bilderbergers had thereafter arranged to inflame the Serbs by pursuing the war criminals in their midst for trial before a new International Court.

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The Bilderbergers Goal: Government Run By Hand-Picked Puppets
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Even though many still deny their very existence, the fact is... in 1954 the most powerful men in the world met for the first time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family in the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg of the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck. For an entire weekend they debated the future of the world. When it was over, they decided to meet once every year to exchange ideas and analyze international affairs.

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The Bilderberg Group: Founded By A Nazi And Continuing The Agenda

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When you want to discover what an organization is really all about, it is important to dig down to the roots. And when you uncover the roots of the Bilderberg Group, you find some very unsettling things. It turns out that the Bilderberg Group has had Nazi connections from the very beginning, and it continues to advance the agenda of the Nazis to this very day.

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The Bilderberg Group And The Psychological Seduction Of Meta Conspiracy Theories
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This week is the annual event of the Bilderberg Group meeting. It will be the Group’s 60th meeting. Despite its longevity and long list of illustrious and diversified guests the annual meeting still fails to garner as much attention as it should do. Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that it is an informal and non-binding meeting of the world’s most influential people where forms of media blackout are even adhered to by leading journalists and their publications that attend. Unfortunately the later point does nothing more than ignite the conspiratorial thinking that engulfs the Bilderberg Group Conspiracy Theory.

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