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Drug Trafficking And Smuggling

In his book, “Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion,” Gary Webb explained how, in the 1980’s the CIA facilitated the sale of cocaine to the street gangs, the Crips and Bloods, in Los Angeles in order to funnel the drug profits to the contras, a Latin American guerrilla army.

Here’s now Mr. Webb says it worked: he claims that the CIA-backed contras would smuggle cocaine into the United States and then distribute it to the LA gangs and pocket the profit to distribute to the contras.

Coincidently, it probably should be mentioned that on December 10, 2004, Gary Webb allegedly committed suicide under some mysterious circumstances – the fact that he allegedly used two bullets to shoot himself in the head.

Then in August of 1987 in a small community outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, two teenage boys were murdered by police because the boys witnessed a police-protected drug drop.

The drug drop was actually part of a drug smuggling operation that took place at a small airport in Arkansas that was established in the early 1980’s by a drug smuggler named Barry Seal.

Here’s the thing, Mr. Seal was facing a lot in time of prison because of his drug operations and flew to Washington, D.C. where he cut a deal with the CIA and DEA.  In this deal, he would avoid prison if he became an informant for the government against other drug smugglers.  In addition to his duties as an informant, he was also utilized by the CIA to help in financing the Nicaraguan Contras.

The CIA’s connection to this operation became undeniable when a cargo plane given to Mr. Seal by the CIA was shot down over Nicaragua and found to contain a load of weapons for the contras.

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Despite all the glaring evidence, any investigator that has attempted to expose the operation has been professionally destroyed, and those that were involved in the drug operation protected from authorities.



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