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Congress Waiting For Stock Market Crash To Pass the TPP

Imagine it… Problem: The stock market is crashing severely. (because the fed withdrew the 0% interest money it was lending to the big banks for the last 8 years, in December it raised the rate to 0.25%)

Reaction: People are scared of losing their retirement funds (which are essentially locked in the stock market thanks to the popularity of the 401k) and want the freefall to stop.

Solution: TPTB have TPP ready to go, which is an international trade bill that will fix the stock market by allowing for more “free trade”. It’s passed, and the stock market goes back up.

Since the TPP has to be passed in 12 countries, so the stock market crash will be global too. This exact same problem -> reaction -> solution pattern will occur simultaneously with 12 governments in 12 countries as all stock markets crash.

To test out this theory, we can keep track of the dates of passage of the TPP in all 12 countries. If they line up with a global stock market crash that seems to be coming soon, then that would appear rather damning, wouldn’t it? And if the market miraculously recovers afterward, and if the media says the recovery is all thanks to the passage of the TPP, that will be more big signs that point to collusion at the highest levels of finance and media.



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