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Why Did The FBI Devote Massive Resources To Seize A 91-Year Old Man's Private Collection Of Artifacts?

A 91-year old Rush County man's home was the scene of a massive FBI raid where agents seized more than a thousand cultural artifacts Don Miller reportedly collected over the past eight decades according to the Indianapolis Star. Miller has not been charged or arrested for committing any crime. Yet agents will spend months cataloging his cache of artifacts to determine their origins according to Robert Jones, special agent in charge of the Indianapolis office.

"The monetary value of the items and relics has not been determined Jones said, but the cultural value is beyond measure. In addition to American Indian objects, the collection includes items from China, Russia, Peru, Haiti, Australia and New Guinea.," he said. We have politicians and their cronies stealing hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in plain sight, and the only thing our local FBI office has time to do is badger a 91-year old man who apparently devoted his life to collecting cultural artifacts. Is there a law against that?

UPDATE: An observant reader passes along this background information on the fascinating life of Dr. Don Miller the media reports don't mention:
A little background on Don Miller, the "artifact" collector in Waldron. Given recent developments across the pond it would appear that this old guy possessed material of extreme importance to be applied to the NATO war effort that's building up there.

The gov's pretense to recover artifacts is a ruse. I would wager that 99.999% of the men involved on the ground at this guy's house do not know the real nature of the raid and were told to collect and catalog artifacts while special agents quietly found and took what they were actually looking for.

Miller was an electrical genius and developed communications hardware for the MIR space station. Had a huge hand in training cosmonauts in how to use it. He was heavily involved in very high tech ham equipment and networks particularly in Russia.

The old man had a lot of things the state department wanted but illegal artifacts isn't one of them. You can rest assured that Don Miller will not say a word about anything. How would it look for a true American WWII patriot to be outed working with the Russians, even if at the time it was completely legal to do so.

Here's a link mentioning Dr. Miller's work on the MIR Russian space station:

UPDATE II: An anonymous Internet sleuth points out that Dr. Miller had created transponders used by NASA.
Most recently Dr Miller developed the technology to locate any transmitter through triangulation after the beacon has failed. This technology would be very useful say if an airplane went down and was unable to be located . . .

Looking at the photo of Dr. Miller's home it is very obvious that he installed several 40'-50' antenna towers on his property which is located out in the middle of nowhere. The FBI (or some agency) set up containment/quarantine tents all over his property and there is no identification of any particular government agencies on the vehicles on his property. I was able to locate video showing those towers being removed which would fall under the definition of artifact but weren't mentioned by reporters.

The fact that the the news doesn't mention that this man was very prominent in the development of nuclear weapons, space science, groundbreaking transponder technology, spectral analysis or the sole heir to his famous brothers research on the origins of life is wherein the truth lies.

The Internet sleuth also claims that Dr. Miller is the brother and sole heir of Dr. Stanley Miller, a world renowned chemical physicist. Although Stanley had a brother named Don, he is from a different family unrelated to Rushville's Don Miller. A website discussing Dr. Miller's research was taken down just last month. A 2007 story in the Rushville Republican discusses his role in the development of the first atomic bomb during World War II.

Former NSA analyst and independent investigative journalist Wayne Madsen adds this pithy comment about the FBI's actions against Miller:

How long before the FBI sells these artifacts on the black market? They have a history of fencing stolen art work. Just across E Street from FBI Headquarters is Weschler's, art auctioneers and appraisers -- there since 1890.



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