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NASA Denies That It’s Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars

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On Thursday, Alex Jones welcomed a guest to talk about how kidnapped children have been sent on a two-decade mission to space. NASA now denies the interplanetary conspiracy.

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Republican Ex-CIA Agent: Criminal Trump Is Being Blackmailed By Putin
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While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the marquee names running for President of the United States, there are actually dozens of lesser-known candidates who have also thrown their hats into the ring -including former CIA agent Evan McMullin, who joined the race as the champion of the #NeverTrump movement on the right. McMullin has levied some harsh accusations against the Republican presidential nominee, including the astonishing allegation that Trump is being blackmailed by Russian Federation dictator Vladimir Putin.

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Donald Trump The Crisis Actor: A Conspiracy To End All Conspiracy Theories

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With each passing day the 2016 presidential campaign looks more and more like an angry subreddit moderated by a genetically engineered “double-y chromosome” man-child constructed from the DNA of David Icke and Alex Jones. Although it’s easy to dismiss this long, strange electoral trip as a passing political malady rising from America’s fever swamps, there are plenty of good reasons to get into the tin foil millinery business.

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The Iran Conspiracy: The Secret Reason For Invading Iran

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Most people believe that the U.S. is interested in Iran for the OIL or the DOMINATION of the Middle East or even the PELT of Ahmadinejad. WRONG. The real reason for attacking Iran is far more MYSTERIOUS and SHOCKING.

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Conspiracy: President Obama Is Trying To Impeach Himself

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Ever since the first inauguration of President Obama, right-wingers have been trying to undo the people’s decision to make him America’s chief executive. They declared that their top legislative objective was to make Obama a one-term president. In pursuit of that goal they have blocked most of his policy initiatives, judges, and government reforms. At the same time they have been hyper investigatory on everything from Fast and Furious, to the IRS, to ObamaCare, to his birthplace. All of this was squarely aimed at crippling or revoking his presidency.

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