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Republican Ex-CIA Agent: Criminal Trump Is Being Blackmailed By Putin

While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the marquee names running for President of the United States, there are actually dozens of lesser-known candidates who have also thrown their hats into the ring -including former CIA agent Evan McMullin, who joined the race as the champion of the #NeverTrump movement on the right. McMullin has levied some harsh accusations against the Republican presidential nominee, including the astonishing allegation that Trump is being blackmailed by Russian Federation dictator Vladimir Putin.

McMullin is a Republican but has chosen to run an as independent. While giving an interview on CNN, McMullin lambasted Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin. “It’s so unfortunate. Vladimir Putin is one of the primary sources of instability in this world, and the thought that we would have a Republican nominee so “in bed” with Putin, I think is so discouraging and really a bad thing for our country.” McMullin is not alone in his view, and Republicans show their own hypocrisy in supporting Trump’s gushing pleas for approval from the Russian government. The previous Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, described Russia as America’s “Number one geopolitical foe“, and a mere four years later the far majority of Republicans are bending over backwards to accommodate to Trump while he contradicts their party’s long-standing position that Russia is not to be trusted.

Trump’s coziness towards Russia is far more insidious than mere naivete, according to McMullin. He believes Trump is being blackmailed by Putin. CNN’s host asked McMullin, “You’ve also said that you think Trump is being manipulated by President Putin. Where do you see that, where is the evidence?” McMullin cited “old intelligence friends” as the source of his information:

You know I hear from some of my old intelligence friends that Donald Trump has been engaged in some activities in Russia that Vladimir Putin may be using to blackmail Trump. There’s a lot going on there that I don’t think has come to light, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and you can see it in Donald Trump’s actions.

If McMullin’s information is correct, to which he offered no corroboration, it may explain why Trump has gone out of his way to court the Russian government, and its agents by proxy. Those agents include Trump’s disgraced former campaign boss Paul Manafort who single-handedly helped other pro-Russian dictators come to power in Europe. Although the scenario presented by McMullin is actually too generous for Trump, as it gives Trump an excuse for his foreign policy incompetence. Rather than being abjectly stupid to trust the Russian government’s pure intentions, has Trump been blackmailed? In either case, Trump is a rube, a patsy, and a traitor – or he merely continues his history of making poor decisions and has shown himself to be unfit to wash the windows of the Oval Office, let alone sit there making life and death decisions for the next four years.



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