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Pope Francis To Declare Earth Day Will Become Holy Day Of Obligation

One day after stating that global warming is a sin, and announcing a new corporal work of mercy – “Care for our common home” – Pope Francis is planning to announce that starting in 2017, Earth Day will be a Holy Day of Obligation binding on all Catholics. Earth Day is commemorated world-wide on April 22.

“The Holy Father plans to issue a proclamation next week,” an anonymous source within the Vatican told AoftheA News. “He believes in this very strongly. He’s instructed the Congregation of Divine Worship to craft a new Eucharistic Prayer, as well as a Penitential Rite.”

AoftheA News has obtained footage of the new Penitential Rite:

Unconfirmed reports indicate that people who car-pool or use public transportation to fulfill their obligation will receive a partial indulgence, while those who walk or use bikes will receive a plenary indulgence.



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