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Conspiracy Against Islam

Yahia Gouasmi, President of the Anti- Zionist Party, is alerting public opinion, especially the Muslims, about the plot that is being applied in Syria. Everyone, especially Muslims, understand that there is a conspiracy against Islam. The West and Zionism are delighted to see Muslims divided, fighting, and killing each other in Iraq, Syria, as well as other Muslim countries!

Do these Muslims not realize that they are, above all, serving the interests of the enemies of Islam?

Do they not understand that the blood of innocent Muslims is a godsend for the Zionists and the enemies of Islam?

How do you explain to a Muslim that when he draws a sword against another Muslim, he is following the commands of the enemy of our Prophet (Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.))?

It is time for us Muslims to understand that the blood of the innocent is sacred and that we must stop committing evil and shedding blood on earth as per God’s orders.

Today, the strength and fuel for the enemies of Islam are these domestic wars between Muslims. The enemies of Islam will always find pseudo-Muslim scholars to feed this hatred and war between brothers.

What is happening in Syria is a conspiracy against Muslims. Not only is it a conspiracy against the Syrian president, but against all the people of Syria, as well as against the peaceful understanding between Christians and Muslims that was shared prior to the conflict.

We are at the dawn of an even more violent war; a civil war that will taint the entire Middle East. What evil plans the Muslim world will face!

Currently, Syria is targeted because it is the only country resisting Zionism and Israel. Also, because it is an ally of Hezbollah and Iran. This alliance troubles some countries including the Arab monarchies. Zionism has found a way to continue the war. Syria has become, and will continue to be the graveyard of the Muslims who call themselves “Islamists” and who are sent for “Jihad” in Syria from European, North African, and Middle Eastern countries, whose governments have turned a blind eye.

The enemies of Islam, Islamist groups coming through Turkey, Jordan, and other neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Iraq in order to reinforce the Islamists already present in Syria, are fueling the division between Sunnis and Shiites.

The Arab countries of the region are sending the Islamists present in their country to Syria in order to get rid of them!

They do this through a well-defined plot so that these Islamists never come back to their country of origin. Some politicians, including presidents and Arab world leaders, have even said that they could leave but they may never return…

Do these self-defined “Islamists” not understand that they are the subject of a plot against Islam, against themselves, and against Syria? When they arrive in Syria, their passports are confiscated, they are given a Kalashnikov, weapons, and are sent out to the front lines in order to be killed while those that are part of the Syrian revolution remain safe.

Thus, the Free Syrian Army is participating in a conspiracy: the genocide of Muslims!

Westerners see them (the self- defined “Islamists”) coming and they consider them their safety.

The West asks them to be the first victims of this war, and then they, the West, vanishe.

This is also the wish of the Arab world. This clearly shows that there is a conspiracy against Muslims and against you (the self- defined “Islamists”). If you want to get out of Syria, you can’t because your passport was confiscated. Turkey will no longer let you pass through. Thus, you are trapped with a weapon and only one choice, death.

Is this Islam? Is this what you believe?

What you do is intolerable. Are you opposed to the Syrians or to the legitimately elected government that you plan on killing? In your opinion, who is the beneficiary in this situation?

Israel is the only beneficiary!

Arab countries are trying to get rid of the people who believe in Islam, they send them to be killed without ever allowing them to come home! Unfortunately, you are trapped.

You think you are going to die as a “martyr”, but know that you my brothers will vanish as soldiers for Zionism and not for God! Whether you are sent from Europe or from Arab countries, their goal is the same; to exterminate any Islamic momentum.

This diabolical plot is in place in order to distract us from true Islam. The Islam of our prophets.

It is time for this war to continue honorably. We must find a compromise in which you are able to surrender your weapons and leave the Syrian territory. This will require a lot of effort. First, it will depend on the clemency of President Bashar al-Assad, who must understand that this war should not continue and that it is best to stop the massacres and to move to negotiations.

It also requires the support of Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah (Hezbollah’s Secretary General), Iraq, and Iran, which have to find solutions in order to authorize you to get out of Syria. As the Supreme Leader Khamenei said, those who called themselves ‘Muslim scholars’ should be banished for their conspiracy against Islam when they send innocent people to be killed.

Those aspiring to piety and seeking a solution for a successful life on earth, long for heaven, and are willing to give their body and soul to God, are wrong! In Syria, dear brothers, it is not God that you are going to serve, but rather the conspiracy against Islam and Muslims!

I present myself to you as your brother. I could have fallen into the same trap had God not guided me and helped me understand that this regime must be protected because it is spearheading the conscience of the Arab world. The only Arab country standing up against Israel!

But I feel pity and a sense of brotherhood for those who die without understanding that they were part of a conspiracy which they blindly followed. I pray to God to bring peace to the homes of Muslims and to the homes of people worldwide. Be aware that there are 500 young unfortunate Belgians who went to Syria for “jihad”!

I have trouble believing that Europe allowed them to leave only to be killed and have Syria become their cemetery… I refuse to accept this, and I appeal to you and to the consciousness of those who claim to be Muslims, who fear God, and who are lovers of his Messenger. I pray for the best outcome; peace be upon you!